Rey Mysterio and Legends of Lucha Libre's Juventud Guerrera were young stars in the WCW cruiserweight division. (PHOTO: WWE)

Match of the Day: Rey Mysterio & Juventud Guerrera Vs. Psicosis & La Parka (1997)

Published December 22, 2022

On December 17, 1997, WCW held the episode 118 of WCW Monday Nitro at the Independence Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina, in whose show Rey Mysterio & Legends of Lucha Libre‘s Juventud Guerrero faced Legends of Lucha Libre‘s Psicosis & La Parka (L.A. Park) in a Tag Team Match.



Contenders: Rey Mysterio & Juventud Guerrera vs. Psicosis & La Parka (Tag Team Match)

Date: December 17, 1997

Place: Independence Arena (Charlotte, North Carolina)

© 1997 WWE 

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