Hijo del Santo & Mistico were the winners of the 2004 CMLL La Gran Alternativa Tournament. (PHOTO: CMLL)

Match of the Day: CMLL La Gran Alternativa Tournament (2004)

Published August 20, 2022

On August 20, 2004, CMLL held the 10th edition of the CMLL La Gran AlternativaTournament at the Arena Mexico in Mexico City, in whose show Hijo del Santo & Mistico won the tournament after beating Ultimo Guerrero & Dr. X at the Final Round Match.



Contenders: Hijo del Santo & Mistico Vs. Ultimo Guerrero & Dr. X Vs. Misterioso Vs. Misterioso Jr. Vs. Atlantis & Volador Jr. Vs. Hijo del Perro Aguayo & Sangre Azteca Vs. Ultimo Dragon & Neutron Vs. Shocker & Alan Stone Vs. Mascara Sagrada & El Sagrado (CMLL La Gran Alternativa Tournament Match)

Date: August 20, 2020

Place: Arena Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)

© 2004 CMLL / Televisa 

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