Vanguardia Lucha Libre return to activity with Tierra de Oportunidades show

Vanguardia Lucha Libre Tierra de Oportunidades Results (06/20/2020)

Published June 20, 2020

Simbolo Azteca & Gasparin Jr. wins the BMLL Tag Team Championship

Vanguardia Lucha Libre held Tierra de Oportunidades closed-door show, in whose main event Simbolo Azteca & Gasparin Jr. won the Black Mask Lucha Libre (BMLL) Tag Team Championship after beating Ciclope & Miedo Extremo in a title match. After this defeat Ciclope will have to leave Vanguardia Lucha Libre.

The DTU Extreme Champion Crazy King won a title shot after eliminating Aaron Sykes in a 17-Man Agglomeration in the Ring Match (battle royal match). Now Crazy King will be able to choose a title match for the AKE Extreme Championship or the Vanguardia Lucha Libre 4×4 Championship.

Ciclope with Miedo Extremo retained the AKE Extreme Championship after beating Invisible Man.




– Main Event Match: Simbolo Azteca & Gasparin Jr. defeated Los Macizos (Ciclipe & Miedo Extremo) (BMLL Tag Team Championship Match)

– Fourth Match: Crazy King won the 17-Man Agglomeration in the Ring Match.

– Third Match: Ciclope with Miedo Extremo defeated Invisible Man (AKE Extreme Championship Match)

– Second Match: Draztick Boy defeated Lobo Blanco Jr., Falcon Fire & Mascara de Bronce (BMLL Cruiserweight Championship Fatal 4-Way Match)

– First Match: Jitsu & Caballero de Atena (Odaiba Squad) defeated Sagitario Jr. & Suspenso (Kingdom Wrestling) (Tag Team Match)

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