Lucha Fighter AAA Live Tournament
Lucha Libre AAA returns to action tonight! Watch it live and free on the Lucha Central Facebook page at 6 PM PT/8 PM MEX/9 PM ET

STREAMING LIVE & FREE Tonight! Lucha Libre AAA – Lucha Fighter – Episode 2

Published April 25, 2020

Last Saturday night, Lucha Libre AAA returned to action to kick off their 4-week empty-arena Lucha Fighter tournament.

Check out Eric Mutter’s review of Episode 1 here.

Tonight, the action returns and you can catch it all LIVE & FREE directly on the Lucha Central Facebook page.  Plus, join in on the live chat with lucha fans from around the globe.

As of this writing, only one match has been announced thus far.  By fan voting, Faby Apache will take on Lady Shani to see which of the luchadoras advances.  For those not too familiar with the history between these two, their rivalry back in 2018 got so intense it lead to a Hair vs. Mask match at TripleMania XXVI – and a very rare apuseta loss for the 3 time AAA Reina de Reinas champ Apache.  You don’t forget something like that and tonight, the legendary luchadora looks to knock Lady Shani out of the tournament.

Join us live tonight on the Lucha Central Facebook page at 6 PM PT/8 PM MEX/9 PM ET.  Click here to like the page now.

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