Angel de Oro won the Fabian el Gitano's mask at CMLL Infierno en el Ring. PHOTO: CMLL / Alexis Salazar)

Match of the Day: Angel de Oro Vs. Fabian el Gitano (2010)

Published July 18, 2023

On July 17, 2010, CMLL held the Infierno en el Ring show at the Arena Mexico in Mexico City, in whose main event Angel de Oro won the Fabian el Gitano‘s mask in a Mask Vs. Mask Match in a Steel Cage. In this way, we knowed the identity of Emilio Fabian Fernandez de Leon.



Contenders: Angel de Oro Vs. Fabian el Gitano (Mask Vs. Mask Steel Cage Match)

Date: July 17, 2010

Place: Arena Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)

©  2010 CMLL / Fox Sports 

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