You know…I just knew tonight was going to be a good night to stay in and watch CMLL. Boy was I right. A good looking Super Viernes turned out even better than what I expected in my preview; aside from the luchadoras match and the main event (both which were built around setting p matches you may want to see and definitely won’t want to see) this show was loaded with good to great matches that were pretty much serious fun all the way though. But then again, would you expect any less from the most consistent production CMLL puts on during the week? I didn’t think so. So what are we waiting for; let’s get reviewing.




Flyer & Oro Jr. defeated Espanto Jr. & Templario two falls to one


And the streak of great CMLL openers featuring Flyer and Templario continues! Did you ever doubt it for a minute? Alright we all did courtesy of Espanto Jr. being present in this match. As it turns out though he was just fine; in fact he might’ve actually been good, unless Templario was in fact the one who willed that really nice Tower of Doom spot I saw Espanto involved in. Then again Templario was taking the superplex portion while Espanto did the sunset flip powerbomb portion, so actually yeah; full marks for him! Even still Espanto came in fourth place to the other three guys; Oro Jr. looked absolutely thrilled to be in the ring with Templario and acted accordingly, having one of his best performances in recent memory. And to no surprise Flyer and Templario are magic together, with all of their sequences jumping off the screen, including the finish where Flyer did a Rolling Code Red on the rudo for the victory. How can you not be satisfied with that?! A really strong opener and a great sign for Flyer going into his match with Magia Blanca this upcoming Tuesday.


Amapola, Dalys, Seductora defeated Lady Maravilla, Marcela, Princesa Sugehit two falls to one


This was pretty much two matches as far as I’m concerned. When it was Dalys in there with Maravilla or Amapola in there with Marcela things were all…


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But then Seductora and Sugehit would come in and things would suddenly be all…


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In fairness, this went a lot better than I expected in terms of Sugehit-Seductora interactions. Sugehit was trying everything to make things work and Seductora, to her credit, tried very hard whether it was hitting moves or running away as fast as she could. Unfortunately none of it was enough to a) hide the fact that this is a DOA program or b) make me want to see a singles match; in fact if this match did anything it made me want to see Marcela-Amapola and Maravilla-Dalys, who collectively produced some honest to Grodd good sequences (especially Maravilla, who looked like she was on another level compared to her counterparts). Alas we’re not getting those and are stuck with Sugehit-Seductora for at least another two weeks, which made clear upon Seductora cheating to win. Squish me, just squish me now. Credit to these six for making this a better match than I thought, but I still didn’t really care and still have no desire for what’s coming next.


Esfinge, Titán, Tritón defeated Dragón Rojo Jr., Kawato San, Okumura two falls to one


The best way to describe this match is with the name of my least favorite nu metal band; DOPE! I’ll see myself out. All jokes aside this match was super duper and then some. It had approximately two flaws; Kawato failing to catch a running senton off the ramp by Esfinge and Esfinge then acting like nothing happened after that. Otherwise this was so much fun. They had a hot start to the first fall, even with the rudos winning it, the end of the second fall was tremendous with Tritón hitting that unbelievable double jump moonsault of his and the third fall was nonstop, Fury Road style action, capped off with Titán doing a moonsault off the turnbuckle post because he wasn’t gonna let Tritón top him! Throw in Kawato finally (FINALLY) looking comfortable beyond the missed dive, the continued energetic streak of El General and Okumura doing Okumura stuff and this was great stuff. If only CMLL had gone away from Sugehit-Seductora; we’d have been three for three at this point of the show!


Lightning Match

Soberano Jr. and Negro Casas wrestled to a draw

In the preview for this match I said that the match would be good if it went 5-7 minutes, great if it went 8-10. Well it went the full ten and wouldn’t you know it, all ten minutes were awesome. The only, and I mean only, nitpick you could maybe have for this match is that it appears both guys lost track of the time they had and didn’t get to do everything they were going to do. Besides that I’m not sure what else you could ask for. Casas was absolutely extraordinary. It’s amazing that he’s 58 years old because he doesn’t wrestle like it at all, go toe to toe with Soberano on strike exchanges, hitting a DDT on the apron, taking big bump after big bump and never once looking like he was close to being winded. He is a treasure and the day he retires will be one of the saddest days in wrestling history. He wasn’t alone though; Soberano had a few of his dives in this match but mostly he wrestled Casas’ style and looked great doing it. Some people (*cough* my buddy mizfan *cough*) have been wanting to see more from Soberano besides the flips. Between this match and the excellent Cavernario match from a few weeks ago we are starting to see that Soberano is the complete luchadore. Hot damn is it great to see! Again, the only flaw to this was that they ran out of time and frankly that may work to their benefit; I cannot wait to see Casas vs. Soberano again! What a great Lightning Match. I would indeed put it up there with Hechicero vs. Guerrero Maya Jr. as the best Lightning Match of the year.


Carístico, Valiente, Volador Jr. defeated Euforia, Mephisto, Último Guerrero two falls to one


And it was at the end of this match where Grodd looked up to the sky and quoted the great Dylan when he said this match was “SPITTING HOT FIRE!”


Image result for Dylan gif


I must missed how today was a holiday in Mexico or something because this match was yet another where all six luchadores tried to top what came before it and did. They had a nice first fall, highlighted by Euforia catching a Volador springboard and turning it into a backbreaker and then just took off in the second after a red hot comeback by the technicos that saw all sorts of beautiful chaos. From there they just had to stick the landing and they did with an even more fun third fall, filled with more dives, more great back and forth action and a well designed finish. The only thing surprising about it was how Euforia was the best guy in the whole thing! Everyone was great granted but Euforia felt a step above; his offense was spectacular, his basing was the usual high quality. Everything he touched just seemed to go perfectly. I know; I can’t believe it either (sarcasm). I greatly enjoyed a lot of the other matches on this show but there’s no question this was the best match of the night, and I’m so glad CMLL allowed these six to try for it instead of building to an angle. If only they had just ended the show at this point…


Atlantis, Diamante Azul, Kráneo defeated Bestia del Ring, Rush, Terrible two falls to none


In this match’s defense, it had two more really cool spots than I thought it would. First there was Kráneo, with an assist from Diamante Azul, hitting a splash on the top on Terrible and The Artist Formerly Known as Pierroth at the end of the first fall. It was silly but pretty dope. Even sillier (and better) was a moment in the third fall when poor Mije appeared, got picked up by Rush and powerbombed onto Kráneo. Let the record show that I enjoyed those two spots immensely, giving this match something I didn’t think it would have; enjoyable moments.



Of course after that the match was exactly what I expected. There were long periods of Los Ingobernables beat downs, Atlantis and Diamante Azul barely had anything to do, there was a lot of building to Kráneo and Rush and ultimately the match ended after two falls when (as I predicted!) Rush unmasked Kráneo with a little help from Terrible and Bestia. So yeah; that match is happening. I’m not sure it’s happening as soon as I thought as CMLL didn’t give Kráneo any promo time after the match to issue a challenge, but we’re definitely heading towards Kráneo vs. Rush at some point in the near distant future. That should actually be fun; unfortunately this match wasn’t. I’m not that mad as the rest of the show was pretty damn good and this will at least be going somewhere, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was pretty much the lowest point on the show that didn’t involve Princesa Sugehit and Seductora. A pretty lifeless match overall if you ask me.


That’s game sports fans! I’ll see you on Sunday for a preview of the Puebla show, and may be sooner if there’s any more breaking news. Till we meet again, #FreeNeville!


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