CMLL continues the road to the 87th Anniversary Show. (PHOTO: CMLL)

CMLL reveals the card for his second Spectacular Friday Show road to the 87th Anniversary Show

Published September 07, 2020

After successfully performing their first closed-door show at Arena México en road to the 87th Anniversary, CMLL revealed the card for their Spectacular Friday Show this week. This show will be made up of five matches, in which Main Event Volador Jr., Flyer & Bandido will faced Gran Guerrero, Euforia & Sanson in a Rematch.

In an Amazonas del Ring division match, La Jarochita will face Reina Isis in a Single Match. Both luchadoras are candidates to face Metalica for the Mexican National Women’s Championship at the CMLL 87th Anniversary Show.

CMLL announced the bad news that Barbaro Cavernario was seriously injured last Friday in his Single Match against El Felino, for which the Australopithecus Apestosus will no longer be able to be part of the trio candidate to be a challenger to the CMLL World Trios Championship. His replacement will be announced this Wednesday on the CMLL Informa newscast.

CMLL Spectacular Friday Show at the Arena Mexico (09/11/2020):

  • Volador Jr., Flyer & Bandido Vs. Gran Guerrero, Euforia & Sanson (Rematch)
  • Soberano Jr. & Titan Vs. Templario & Tiger (Tag Team Match)
  • Los Cancerberos del Infierno (Raziel & Cancerbero) Vs. Los Atrapa Sueños (Rey Cometa & Espiritu Negro) (Tag Team Match)
  • La Jaorchita Vs. Reina Isis (Single Match)
  • Oro Jr. Vs. Coyote (Single Match)

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