Mr. Potro wins the Chucho el Roto's mask Arena Lopez Mateos 54th Anniversary Show. (PHOTO: Mas Lucha)

AULL Arena Lopez Mateos 54th Anniversary Show in Tlalnepantla Results (05/15/2021)

Published May 15, 2021

AULL held the Arena Lopez Mateos 54th Anniversary Show at the Arena Lopez Mateos in Tlalnepantla, Estado de Mexico, in which Main Event, Mr. Potro won the Chucho el Roto‘s mask in a Mask Vs. Mask Match. After several interference, Mr. Potro obtained a controversial victory by applying a Powerbomb on Chucho el Roto, but at the time of the count he was touching the rope with his boot but the referee did not notice this and gave the pinfall valid. Chucho el Roto said his name was Jonathan Romero Martinez with 40 years old, 22 of them as a professional luchador. 

This event also served to honor don Hector Guzman Chavez, founder of the Arena Lopez Mateos, the female lucha libre legends Rossy Moreno and Lady Apache. Plus, a posthumous tribute to Ovett.

Blue Demon Jr. won the AULL La Copa Universo after beating DMT Azul by disqualification. La Joya de la Lucha Libre caused his disqualification after delivering a low blow to Blue Demon Jr., an act that was noticed by referee Ponpin Jr. This match was scheduled to be a Triple Threat Match, but at the last minute DMT Azul joined the match.

Lady Apache won the AULL La Copa Femenil against Ludrak and Diosa Quetzal in a Triple Threat Match. Lady Apache won by submission with La Tapatia on Ludrak.




Main Event Match: Mr. Potro defeated Chucho el Roto (Mask Vs. Mask Match)

– Fifth Match: Blue Demon Jr. defeated DMT, Legends of Lucha Libre‘s Penta Zero Miedo and Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. (Fatal 4-Way Match for AULL La Copa Universo)

– Fourth Match: Centella Oriental, Emperador Azteca, Alas de Oro & Alas de Plata vs Arez, Villano III Jr., Black Warrior & Black Warrior Jr. (8-Man Tag Team Match)

– Third Match: Lady Apache defeated Ludrak and Diosa Quetzal (Triple Threat Match for AULL La Copa Femenil)

– Second Match: Impulso, Dante & Príncipe Rebelde defeated Freelance, Tiger & Legendario (6-Man Tag Team Match)

– First Match: Alex Pain & Vaquero Tormenta defeated Rayo Boy & Emperador Brillante (Tag Team Match)

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Arena Lopez Mateos celebrates its 54th Anniversary

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