Lucha Libre AAA is coming to Six Flags Mexico with a Drive-In show! (PHOTO: Lucha Libre AAA)

Lucha Libre AAA Announces Auto Luchas, Triplemania Postponed

Published July 20, 2020

Lucha Libre AAA is coming back. After several months off following the end of their Lucha Fighter tournament, Dorian Roldan announced on a virtual press conference a new set of Lucha Libre AAA shows called Auto Luchas, a series of drive in shows that will take place at Six Flags Mexico in Mexico City. No dates were announced for when the shows will begin and while Roldan was optimistic about the shows being available to stream he couldn’t 100% confirm it at this time.



The concept of Auto Luchas appears to be simple; a ring will be set up in the parking lot of Six Flags Mexico and luchadores and luchadoras will compete in front of fans parked in their cars. You know; like a drive in! Tickets will be made available digitally and strict safety precautions have been put in place; fans will not be allowed to leave their cars unless to use the restroom (and even then they will have to follow Lucha Libre AAA safety protocols), masks are mandatory and there will be a limit to how many people are allowed in an automobile, with only four persons allowed in a regular car while seven are allowed for an SUV. Roldan also announced that Lucha Libre AAA will be selling masks and will be launching in app with more information regarding the protocols for this event.

No talent was officially announced for these shows, though Chessman was featured in the advertising and Roldan made it clear that Lucha Libre AAA Mega Champion and All Elite Wrestling star Kenny Omega would not be participating. This will likely apply for Lucha Libre AAA Tag Team Champions and Legends of Lucha lLibre stars Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix as well, as both are currently based in the United States. Roldan stated if the shows proved to be successful in Mexico City, they would explore the possibility of doing similar Drive-In shows in other states in Mexico.

The other big news coming out of this presser was the postponement of Triplemania XXVIII. Lucha Libre AAA‘s biggest show of the year was originally scheduled for August 22, but the COVID-19 pandemic and Lucha Libre AAA‘s reluctance to hold big shows without fans made it likely the show would at least be moved, and Roldan confirmed as much today. While he stated Lucha Libre AAA hoped to run Triplemania at some point this year, he did not confirm another date for the show, leaving its fate up in the air. Similarly Roldan stated that Lucha Libre AAA still hoped to run a second Triplemania Regia in Monterrey, following the success of the first show last year, but that too is up in the air. It had previously been rumored that Triplemania Regia would be converted into Triplemania XXVIII and take place in Monterrey in October, but Roldan made no hint of that at this presser.

Lucha Central will keep you updated on further details of Lucha Libre AAA Auto Luchas as they come forward.

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