The Luchabag is back and it brought a TripleMania Regia preview with it! (PHOTO: Lucha Libre AAA)

A Luchabag For All Seasons (Plus TripleMania Regia Preview)

Published December 02, 2021

Well sports fans, the time for Zack Snyder esq serious writing has come and gone. Yesterday (all my troubles seemed so far away?) I took care of that noise by talking about how this Saturday’s TripleMania Regia was do or die time when it comes to Hijo del Vikingo and AAA’s chance to be a top star. Now it’s time to have some fun. And how are we going to do that? By doing a totally on the up return of the Luchabag! I haven’t done one of these bad boys since…my Grodd the last one was November 3 of last year! So much has changed since then; Kenny Omega is no longer AAA Mega Champion, Stephen Spielberg is making good movies again, Lucha Central member Miguel has betrayed NXT following the rise of NXT 2.0 and I still don’t have a Laredo Kid t-shirt that was promised to me! I guess that last one hasn’t changed. The point is, it’s long overdue that I answer some questions just days before the biggest lucha libre event of the year, and then preview said event as well. So what are we waiting for? I give you A Luchabag For All Seasons. And no, Sir Thomas More doesn’t die at the end of this one.



So wait; the AAA/LLFMV lawsuit is actually over? PRAISE BE CTHULHU!

-H.P., Swan Point


We’re coming in hot out of the gate. This is in reference to the fact that, in case you missed it, TripleMania Regia is going to air live on FITE TV, which means it’ll be available for international audiences! That would be the first time that’s been possible since TripleMania XXVIII last December and a sign that the silly, unnecessary and phenomenally stupid lawsuit between AAA and Lucha Libre Factory Made Ventures (the production company that brought you Lucha Underground) has come to an end. Right? Right?! Perhaps not. As far as anyone can tell, no new legal documents have been filed in regards to the suit, which seems to indicate things haven’t been resolved as of yet. The fact that this show is airing in the US, Canada and basically everywhere outside of Mexico though definitely isn’t a bad sign. I don’t know if the lawsuit is over, if AAA is going rogue, if there was a compromise for this one show or (the most hilarious option) if AAA and LLFMV are in bed and we’re about to chart a course for a hilarious catastrophe. But like the status of Francis Ford Coppola’s production of Megalopolis, something has obviously changed, and it appeared to be good news. Well mostly good news.


If you’re AAA, why not promote TripleMania Regia strongly and air it for free to bring back fans, instead of attempting to run vs NWA and GCW when most American fans still think AAA is unwatchable outside of MX?

-Eric, Rochester


This is why I said it was mostly good. AAA may be available again in the US, but it’s not clear a) how many people know about it and b) how many people will care when there are other wrestling shows running at the same time and AAA is asking fans to cough over $20 to see Bobby Fish headline. The FITE TV route made sense when it was Omega vs. Vikingo; that and the Cain Velasquez-LA Park face to face would’ve justified it, and AAA probably pushes it more than they have for this version of the show (their effort has been retweeting FITE TV promoting the show). With what we have now, I think it’s pretty safe to say going for free on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Watch would’ve been the way to go, as it would’ve been more accessible and, more importantly, free. By the way, this is the biggest sign that perhaps there is something more to this AAA/LLFMV thing than them just settling their lawsuit and by Grodd I’m going to stop now before thinking about that scenario kills me via laughter.


Does AAA still see true value in USA expansion and what’s their plan, because it seemed inconsistent before the lawsuit and pandemic and appears convoluted now, too?

-The Man From Another Place, Another Place


This is simple; yes AAA sees true value in USA expansion and would love to break in in a way they haven’t since the mid 90’s. What’s their plan? That’s also simple; run shows in the US and hope shit works out. If it doesn’t seem like much of a plan, duh. But that’s 100% what AAA is looking to do. Part of the issue is that selling tickets for lucha libre events is largely built around walk up the day of the show; it was a big thing AAA was counting on for the Hulu Theater show a few years ago, and to that degree it did work (whether it would’ve MSG legit is another story). Will that work all the time though? I’m dubious. As the Invading NY show showed and as this show likely will on FITE, AAA cannot just plop a show down for people to watch and expect fans to buy it with little to no promotion, and stars who, while big in Mexico, aren’t as well known in the states. Maybe things will be different coming out of the pandemic, but if TripleMania Regia is any indication, the old strategy is still in effect. And while I’ve been wrong before, I think AAA’s in for a rude awakening if they think this is the way to break into the states.


Everyone’s talking about the AAA Mega Championship situation, and I’m just sitting here wondering who’s going to be Laredo Kid’s partner in the tag match with Dragon Lee and Dralistico.

-P. Parker, Queens


I mean if the original plans for this spot are any indication, it’ll probably be a semi-cool independent star or someone from AEW who no one in Mexico is aware of. Originally Samuray Del Sol was scheduled to be Laredo’s partner before he got moved to the Mega Title match, and then, for reasons no one knows, Bobby Fish was supposed to be Laredo’s partner. Because when you think of two people who are similar, you think about the Laredo Kid and the guy who’s been going as Guy Fawkes for Halloween for the last twenty years.


WWE NXT: Bobby Fish teams with Roderick Strong for tag titles shot - Sports Illustrated

Bobby Fish celebrating winning the lead role in V for Vendetta


So yeah; set your expectations for someone less lucha and not someone like, say, Lince Dorado or Mascara Dorada, who can’t appear on this show anyway (the whole 90 days thing and all). On the plus side, this could potentially mean Dante Martin, which would be great. Sure he’d get no reaction at first, but then he’d fly higher than Aero Star off a lighting rig and he’d be Negro Casas over in no time. On the negative side, it also could be Ninja Mack. Excuse me while I now go stare into a mirror and sob uncontrollably for a half an hour.


Will there be any returns on the show? 

-Ike, Brooklyn


This is a big AAA show and you can’t have a big AAA show without at least one “WHAT THE DEUCE?!” surprise. AAA’s even openly hinting at it, posting a graphic of three silhouettes, two that look like the most generic dudes in history and another that looks an awful lot like Cibernetico. What does it all mean? I’m not sure, other than Cibernetico is likely going to be there. He has denied it of course (at a recent Kaoz Lucha Libre presser no less), but AAA has been hinting strongly at it everywhere, they just created a new Los Vipers stable (Cibernetico was a founding father of the original group) and given how the stable has lost more than the Detroit Lions so far this year, they desperately could use someone of Cibernetico’s star power to give them credibility. Now can he give them anything besides that given that he moves like Roddy Piper at Starrcade 1996? Probably not, but the only thing that matters to AAA is that Ciber’s a name, he’s been gone for years and (in theory) it’ll get a pop. So expect him to be there. Beyond that it’s hard to tell, given that Dorada and Dorado wouldn’t be returns (neither guy has ever worked AAA), Rey Horus and Demonic Flamita aren’t big returns and Taya is in Hawaii being misled about her resort’s pool and beach arrangements (update; they’ve been resolved!). That basically leaves someone jumping from CMLL to be part of La Empresa, and there’s a better chance of a Minor Threat reunion tour than of me successfully guessing who that could be.


Why the hell was Bobby Fish sent to TripleMania Regía?

-Angel, Satillo


This is destined to go down as one of life’s great unanswerable questions, right there with “was their someone on the grassy knoll?”, “what did Danforth see as he and Dyer flew away from the Mountains of Madness?” and “why did it take Lucha Central founder Kevin Kleinrock so long to send me that Laredo Kid t-shirt I asked for in April?!” The best answer I can give you is that Bobby Fish (who in fairness is a pretty good worker at things that don’t involve lucha libre) is a guy who has worked AEW and WWE (albeit NXT) this year and AAA loves nothing more than a guy that was just let go from a big promotion. In a way we should be thanking Grodd it was Fish and not say The Artist Formerly Known as Braun Strowman and The Artist Formerly Known as Bray Wyatt. Can you imagine it was one of those guys instead? Hell, can you imagine Strowman trying to catch a Vikingo dive? The more I think about it, the more I’m happy Bobby Fish is there, something I will surely regret when he slows the match to a Star Trek: The Motion Picture esq pace midway through the title match.


Why does Konnan love big white American men?

-El Egante, Satillo


How the hell should I know?! Maybe he’s Republican? They do love big white American men last I checked. I kid Konnan, I kid; I know you’re not like the Disco Inferno. For real, it’s probably because big white American men are rarer than a Mew in Pokemon Blue, Red or Yellow when it comes to Mexico, and they’re the perfect bad guy if you can a) get them to stick around long term, b) they have the right skill set and c) they have charisma. The issue is for every Brian Cage and Sam Adonis, there’s a Karrion Kross, who is like those two guys except not as good, not as charismatic and yet somehow always seems to pop up. Let’s now all take a moment to be thankful (for once) for noncompete clauses by the way, because without it, I’d be predicting Kross winning the AAA Mega Championship after squashing Vikingo, followed by such mass complaining online that you’d think AAA was run by Vince McMahon.


Will Kalisto wrestle more than once in AAA?

-Mendoza, Jalisco


Can a puma challenge a lion for the throne of the jungle? Actually that one we won’t know till Puma King wrestles a luchador with a lion gimmick. But yeah, there’s no way you see Samuray Del Kalisto in AAA again unless he has nowhere else to go or he decides to end his “I will do no jobs” stance that I keep hearing about. If it makes you feel any better, the chances of Bobby Fish and Jay Lethal returning to AAA are slim to none as well. Always a good thing when you can have your biggest match on the show feature three guys who are as likely to appear for you again as I am to appear in Lady Shani’s lovelife. 


Why is Cinta de Oro (Sin Cara/Hunico) such an ass?

-Wallace, Toronto


BECAUSE YOU TOUCH YOURSELF AT NIGHT! I didn’t mean that and I apologize. I don’t know Cinta de Oro personally, but if I had to hazard a guess, he’s probably an ass because he was the first Mistico, wasn’t nearly as cool as the second Mistico, and now shares the gimmick with that guy, Dralistico and Myzteziz Jr. and arguably isn’t as cool as those two either. It ain’t easy being the fourth string Mistico sports fans. At least Cinta de Oro can claim that he’s the Mistico you least want to run into in a dark alley. That dude has put down more peeps in a fight than Arnold in the final ten minutes of an 80’s action flick.


Does Metalik still play FIFA as he did during his WWE days?

-Skeegan, UCONN


I feel like we are rapidly losing the plot here! This is supposed to be a TripleMania focused Luchabag sports fans, not a deep dive into whether Mascara Dorada is going to continue his FIFA quest now that he’s finally escaped from the Evil Empire. But since I’m here, yeah, he’ll keep playing FIFA. The difference this time is he’ll also actually be allowed to wrestle and will be super good at it because he’s Mascara Dorada. HE HASN’T FORGOTTEN ABOUT YOU KENNY!



Is Microman going to take Texano’s hair?

-Juan, Baja California


Wait…Microman is going to fight Texano for his hair? When did this happen, where can I watch and DAMMIT YOU ARE MESSING WITH ME AREN’T YOU?! This is like Miguel teasing us all in the group chat earlier with that Tay Conti/Sammy Guevara tag team. It would be a fun match though wouldn’t it, almost like a super cool Expo Lucha match. Oh well; guess we’ll just have to settle for even cooler Expo Lucha matches on June 11 and 12, LIVE, FROM PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA (tickets on sale starting today. Or tomorrow if you’re on the West Coast)! Did I do this right Kevin?


Where is the other AAA trios title?

-Carlos, San Diego


The same vault the Mascara Sagrada vs. Black Cat match is being kept in. And like General Zod searching for Kal-El, I WILL FIND IT!


On a scale from TripleMania XXII to Federacion Wrestling, how dumb is AAA for going from Vikingo vs. Laredo Kid vs. Fenix vs. Dragon Lee to a five way match featuring Bobby Fish? I mean my god; they went from Laredo, Fenix and Lee to BOBBY FISH! Even the CMLL booking committee would look sideways at that one.

-Beat, Tokyo-to


Finally we’re back on track and with a spicy one too! Earlier today, good pal Justin Barrasso revealed that the original backup plan for the AAA Mega Championship match was a four way match between the four names above; Vikingo, Lee, Laredo and Fenix, with the idea being it be the three men that previously fought Kenny Omega for the title going against the luchador scheduled to face Omega on this show. Unfortunately Lee, Laredo and Fenix were already booked in other matches at TripleMania Regia, and instead of AAA just scrapping those matches or re-arranging them, they went with Vikingo taking on Travis Banks’ best buddy, Mr. Popular Samuray Del Sol, the highly questionable Jay Lethal and Robert Anthony Fish.                                           


Bold Strategy Jason Bateman GIF - Bold Strategy Jason Bateman Host - Discover & Share GIFs


Look I know I’m being very hard on this match, a match that will likely be good because, regardless of what you think of Del Sol, Lethal and Bandido’s out of the ring antics, they’re all good (and in Bandido’s case, great) workers, Vikingo is out of this world and Fish is enough of a pro that he won’t hurt this match (even if he doesn’t help it). But like, how do you not do that four way? More importantly, how do you decide not to do that four way AND THEN reveal to the world “yeah you know that match we’re doing? I had a cooler match planned, but I went with this instead.” It strikes me as a situation where AAA either outthought themselves or decided having AEW stars (regardless of who they were) was more important than putting forth the best match. Although in fairness, they were already doing that anyway as neither the four or five way was the best choice compared to Vikingo and Laredo Kid recreating their last Monterrey classic, only this time in front of nearly 20K people and for AAA’s biggest title. But I digress. In the end the bigger deal won’t be that AAA didn’t use the match, but that they inexplicably revealed this was an option, and went with a lesser one. That’s something modern day CMLL would do (and has done). You’re better than CMLL AAA. Start reminding people of that.


What mistakes does AAA have to avoid on the road to Triplemania XXX?

-Pep, Mexico City


First off, how wild is it that we’re about nine months away from TripleMania XXX? It’s going to sneak up on us faster than a Bad Religion tune. It also means there’s a lot of pressure on AAA to get this right, even though the solutions are simple.


1). Don’t be as terrible as you were building to TripleMania XXV, your last milestone show. Honestly I expect AAA to fulfill this one, even if their shows don’t return to 2019 quality. We forget, but the build to TripleMania XXV wasn’t just awful and full of terrible shows, but it also featured AAA alienating most of its roster, culminating in that disastrous piece of business where Taya quit AAA over their stupidity. AAA may be frustrating now, but they’re still nowhere near a bad promotion, and as long as they continue that or even regain some momentum as crowds return, they should have a lot more optimism and momentum heading into this show than they did five years ago.


2). Don’t book Sexy Star I. This should’ve gone without saying honestly, but it never hurts to remind people that shooting on your opponents is bad!


3). Have a top tier apuesta match planned and a great backup if it falls through. This was the one thing AAA got right at TripleMania XXV, where they rolled out Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Psycho Clown and were thus able to create an iconic (if not great) match and moment out of an otherwise borderline disaster. For a show as big as TripleMania XXX, AAA needs something similar. That understandably may not be possible given how much the pandemic has handicapped things, and AAA has admittedly done a good job overachieving at the last two TripleMania’s with main events (Psycho Clown vs. Rey Escorpion, Chessman vs. Pagano) that some considered “underwhelming” going in. That said, this is TripleMania XXX. Psycho Clown vs. Sam Adonis (who I think is great) is a potentially awesome match, but it’s better served at a Rey de Reyes or a Verano de Escandalo. For this show you need a Psycho Clown vs. LA Park, the long awaited LA Park vs. Rush match or something of that caliber. If you give people something that big, you’re golden. If you don’t, who knows? Will they do it? Check back in with me in several months.


There’s only one way TripleMania Regia can end (besides Vikingo winning of course). Cain Velasquez and LA Park are throwing down in the ring. Suddenly five masked men attack Park, Cain pins him. The men unmask as Andrade, Bestia del Ring, Dralistico, Dragon Lee and Rush. They embrace Cain and new Los Ingobernables is formed to feud with LA Park. BOOK IT K-DAWG!

-Champ, Parts Unknown


And people think my ideas are out there! With that sports fans, I think it’s time we get into the predictions portion of the program. KICK IT!


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Faby Apache, Lady Shani and Sexy Star II vs. Flammer, La Hiedra and Lady Maravilla: Technically this match and the Marvel match won’t be seen on the FITE Broadcast, but a) they’re part of the show and b), in the words of every renegade ever, I DON’T GIVE A DAMN! Plus this match will like show up ON SPACE (one of the many channels AAA airs on in Mexico) next week, so it’s good to preview it now anyway. There’s not much story here but it is a good mix of talent. Faby Apache remains awesome, Lady Shani is one of AAA’s best mat workers male or female, the La Toxicas stable are like that NXT Toxic Attraction stable except, you know, good (sorry Priscilla), and Sexy Star II is a solid worker who, if nothing else, won’t shoot on anyone during this match. The biggest concern, as per usual, is Hijo del Tirantes, the evil referee who has been feuding with Faby for so long, David Starr was a beloved wrestling hero when it began. If he’s reffing this, the match is doomed. If he isn’t, this could be a hard hitting, pretty fun match. Winners: Flammer, Hiedra and Maravilla. 


Gran Mazo & Leyenda Americana vs. Engañso & Venenoide: Last year, AAA entered a deal with Marvel Latin America that saw the creation of several Marvel inspired luchadores, leading to AAA talents, independent stars and Brian Cage portraying them in certain matches. The deal continues a year later, and though I’m not sure the stuff has altogether worked, Marvel appears to be happy and Vikingo got to zipline down Arena Ciudad de Mexico at TripleMania XXIX, so who am I to question this partnership? This match features the lucha versions of Captain American and Thor battling Loki and Venom, a match that sort makes sense as Thor and Loki are real life enemies, but also doesn’t make sense as Venom is a Spider-Man villain and Captain America is as much Spider-Man as I am jacked. In the end this all comes down to who is under the masks and what the effort level is. Leyenda American is generally played by Octagon Jr. (aka Golden Magic), Venenoide is generally played by Black Taurus and last week’s AAA taping strongly hinted that Laredo Kid was Gran Mazo. If that casting holds true, the effort is there and Engañso is played by someone as talented as the other three, this is a show stealer in the making. Don’t be surprised if other Marvel Lucha characters appear either. The last big show featured Hulk interfering, and no, I’m not making that up first time readers. Winners: Gran Mazo & Leyenda Americana. 


Abismo Negro Jr., Arez and Psicosis II (Los Vipers) vs. Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr. and Tito Santana (Poder del Norte) vs. Cuatrero, Forastero and Sanson (NGD): The opening match of the FITE stream! For those not paying attention, Poder del Norte and the Dinamitas (NGD) have been feuding ever since NGD showed up, and Los Vipers are (as earlier stated) a new take on a formerly popular stable that loses ALL THE TIME! Naturally they appear to be here to take the fall so neither Poder del Norte or the Dinamitas do as the two teams appear to be on a collision course for a huge trios apuesta match. The questions here are a) will we get Cibernetico (you know my prediction) and b) what Dinamitas do we get? Poder del Norte are an incredibly talented unit (perhaps the best trio in Mexico), Abismo Negro Jr. is a capable performer and Arez is one of the best workers in the world. The Dinamitas have all the tools to meet them talent wise, it’s just a question of whether they have the motivation. If they do, the others perform as they do, The Artist Formerly Known as Ripper gets out of the way and the Cibernetico surprise happens after the match, this has potential. Then again it also has the potential to be a mess. AAA everyone! Winners: NGD.


Chessman, Dave the Clown and Murder Clown (Los Psychos Circus) vs. DMT Azul, Puma King and Sam Adonis (La Empresa): While it hasn’t officially been announced yet, it appears that Chessman will be stepping in for Monsther Clown, due to Monsther being in rough shape at the moment. That is definitely an upgrade for a match that already had decent heat. One thing AAA has been very consistent about this year is the extended push of La Empresa, an invading stable of former CMLL talent. They’ve been feuding with Los Psychos Circus for the last few months, and with THE ACE off palling around with Cain Velasquez, semi-member Dave the Clown (who came to the Circus’ aid at Heroes Inmortales) will take his spot. This will be a questionable match in terms of quality, as Dave the Clown is a worker that ranges from awful to mediocre  and while DMT Azul has looked more alive in AAA than he did CMLL, he’s no Hijo del Vikingo himself. But this is a match mostly built for heat anyway, and Chessma, Murder, Puma and Adonis are all good performers and will provide this match with some nice action. If there are indeed more surprises for this show than Cibernetico, La Empresa’s need for more former CMLL talent makes this an ideal spot. Winners: La Empresa


Dragon Lee & Dralistico vs. Laredo Kid & Luchador Sorpresa: First I will predict that Laredo’s partner in this match will be Dante Martin. And honestly, I’m all for it and you should be too. Or do you need to see a gif like this again to be convinced?



Whoever it is, this match has a real shot at being great. Laredo Kid is one of the best performers in the world. Ditto for Dragon Lee (by the way, you can see them wrestle at Expo Lucha this June!). Dralistico is nowhere near as good as those two, but he’s a good enough worker that he won’t be out of place, and his best work over the years has been teaming with his brother. As long as AAA provides Laredo with someone like a Dante Martin who knows what they’re doing, this is a slam dunk good match waiting to happen. It’s also another one Laredo is likely to lose because, like Vikingo, the man is never destined to catch a break. Winners: Dragon Lee & Dralistico. 


Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood (FTR) (c) vs. Fenix & Pentagon Jr. (The Lucha Brothers) for the AAA World Tag Team Championships: Breaking news into the control room; Vickie Guerrero will be in the corner of FTR. That sound you hear is many people shrugging their shoulders at the same time. I’ll be honest sports fans; this is the match I’m least looking forward to on the card. I’m sure it’ll be fine and it may even be great; Fenix and Pentagon are awesome, and Cash and Dax are capable of being a great tag team. At the same time, Cash and Dax have, in my opinion, sucked against luchadores; they nearly killed poor Aero Star in their lone AAA Tag Title defense to date, and the previous three Lucha Brothers-FTR matches were not as good in reality as they looked on paper. And those matches were in the US; FTR are virtual unknowns in Mexico (meaning their chances of great heat are minimal), and their style will not endear them to the Monterrey crowd. I’ll freely admit that I’m more down on this feud than others are, and this could easily wind up being a show stealer, but I’m setting my expectations low and hoping for the best. If nothing else, my gut tells me the Lucha Brothers get the gold back here and FTR can finally go back to wrestling teams they have chemistry with. Winners and New Champions: The Lucha Brothers. 


Cain Velasquez, Pagano and Psycho Clown vs. Black Taurus, LA Park and Rey Escorpion: This likely won’t be the best match on the show and it’s certainly not the most interesting match on the show. But hot damn if it isn’t the one I’m most excited for! I mean my Grodd; we’re going to see former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez THROW DOWN WITH LA PARK! It’s the most odd, inexplicable and delightful combination this side of Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor. And that’s before you get into the fact that this match features THE ACE, unsung hero Rey Escorpion, Velasquez’ best dance partner in Taurus, and a dude in Pagano will go to the ends of the earth to create something memorable (even if his effort is eclipsed by is hilarious lack of athleticism). This match will have super heat, it will have some great Taurus-Velasquez interactions, it will have LA Park and Cain throwing down, it will have LA Park doing LA Park things and it will be memorable as all hell. And given Park and Psycho’s involvement, it may lead to the set up of something big for a future show. I’m just one weird dude with a Ludark Shaitan t-shirt, but this match could be the only bout on the show, and it make the price of admission worth it. Winners: Cain Velasquez, Pagano and Psycho Clown.


Bandido vs. Bobby Fish vs. Hijo del Vikingo vs. Jay Lethal vs. Samuray Del Sol for the AAA Mega Championship: Here it is sports fans. The big one, the main event, the match everyone has been talking about (good or bad), the match featuring two of the best luchadores alive, the good lucha things guy, Jay Lethal and Bobby Fish. It’s a testament to how wacky and controversial this match is that it remains as interesting as the initial Vikingo-Kenny Omega match was and how interesting the Fenix-Vikingo-Laredo-Lee match would’ve been. Of course part of the appeal is that this match may determine whether Omega does return to AAA once he heals up, or if he turns into Ricky Marvin at Expo Lucha; nonexistent.



I’ll keep the match quality discussion short here sports fans; we know that, unless Lethal, Bandido and Del Sol just don’t care, Vikingo has the rare off night or this match is booked to be a Bobby Fish slow style showcase, that it’ll be good. There’s too much talent for it not to be, even if I disagree with more than half of the talent involved. This is all about who wins, which you wouldn’t think would be the case when only one winner makes sense, and yet it does. You can likely cross of Fish, Lethal and The Artist Formerly Known as Kalisto given that they’re unlikely to return, meaning this comes down to Bandido and Vikingo. On the one hand, Bandido may never be back either. On the other hand he’s the type of guy AAA would totally go for putting the belt on, and as I pointed out yesterday, AAA doesn’t, and probably will never, see Vikingo as a top level guy. And at the end of the day that, coupled with Bandido being open to agreeing to more dates with AAA, may be enough for AAA to make what I feel is the wrong decision. 


But against my better judgment, I’m going to be optimistic. This is Vikingo’s time. He is the only winner that makes sense, both given his journey and the fact that he’s the only guy committed to AAA following this show. He’s the one opponent that could guarantee Omega’s return to AAA. And oh yeah; he’s the best talent in this match who will deliver the best matches as AAA Mega Champion. As Max Rockatansky once said, “hope is a mistake” and I won’t be shocked at all if AAA proves it doesn’t exist this Saturday night. But screw it; I’m going with logic here and look forward to welcoming our new Viking overlord. Winner and New AAA Mega Champion: Hijo del Vikingo.


Now wasn’t that fun?! If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take a much deserved pow wow, have a nice cold water and watch some Everwood. In the words of one of those Buck announcers (rotten Cardinal fans), I will see you…Saturday night.


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