Tiger will continue his father's legacy under the name of Felino Jr. (PHOTO: CMLL)

Tiger becomes Felino Jr.

Published December 03, 2020

Tiger is about to start a new stage in his professional career, this because from now on he will carry the name of Felino Jr., this being granted by his own father El Felino, all this happened in the most recent edition of the CMLL Informa newscast.

On the last CMLL Spectacular Friday Show, El Felino & Tiger defeated Blue Panther & Black Panther in a Dynasties Match, later in a backstage interview, El Felino hinted that Tiger was ready to become Felino Jr. to continue his legacy in lucha libre.

“You have done it with great pride. I have talked some time ago with the company (CMLL), and the surprise was pleasing in which they give me authorization to ask you that you are the one to continue with this legacy”, commented El Felino

Tiger will make his debut as Felino Jr. this coming December 25 as a participant in the CMLL La Copa Jr. VIP Tournament.

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