Rush is the current ROH World Champion. (PHOTO: Ring of Honor)

Rush the best ranked luchador in the 2020 PWI 500

Published August 28, 2020

Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine released the 2020 PWI 500, its top 500 of the best wrestlers of the year, in which 35 luchadores are part of it, with the ROH World Champion Rush being the best positioned by placing 18 in the list. 

In addition to Rush, nine luchadores are among the top 100, being Andrade, Bandido, Rey Mysterio, Ultimo Guerrero, the Legends of Lucha Libre stars Rey Fenix & Pentagon Jr., Dragon Lee, Rey Horus and Humberto Carrillo. 

Luchadores in the 2020 PWI 5000: 

18Rush (Ring of Honor / Lucha Libre AAA)

27Andrade (WWE)

34 Bandido (Ring of Honor / CMLL)

43Rey Mysterio (WWE)

50Ultimo Guerrero (CMLL)

52Rey Fenix (AEW / Lucha Libre AAA)

74Pentagon Jr. (AEW / Lucha Libre AAA)

76Dragon Lee (Ring of Honor / New Japan Pro Wrestling)

79Rey Horus (Ring of Honor)

91Humberto Carrillo (WWE)

109Angel Garza (WWE)

146L.A. Park (MLW / Lucha Libre)

149Hijo de L.A. Park (MLW / Lucha Libre)

188Drago (Lucha Libre AA)

194Flamita (Ring of Honor)

196Aerostar (Lucha Libre AAA)

206Hernandez (IMPACT Wrestling)

218Dr. Wagner Jr. (Indie)

242Barnaro Cavernario (CMLL)

244Volador Jr. (CMLL)

253Caristico (CMLL)

274Mistico (CMLL)

299 Laredo Kid (Lucha Libre AAA)

300 Hijo del Vikingo (Lucha Libre AAA)

302Myzteziz Jr. (Lucha Libre AAA)

304Octagon Jr. (Lucha Libre AAA)

308Gran Guerrero (CMLL)

334Soberano Jr. (CMLL)

362Gran Metalik (WWE)

364El Terrible (CMLL)

368La Bestia del Ring (Lucha Libre AAA)

369Santos Escobar (WWE)

460Raul Mendoza (WWE)

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