Titan adds his fourth loss in the NJPW tournament. (PHOTO: NJPW)

Master Wato defeats Titan in the Best of Super Jr. 29

Published May 26, 2022

For the second day in a row, Titan suffered a loss at Best of Super Jr. 29, this time against Master Wato. This match took place in the legendary Korakuen Hall in Tokyo.

Titan and Master Wato faced each other in a life or death match, being an even match where physical resistance was the key. Master Wato managed to beat Titan after applying an effective RPP to him from the top of one of the cornerbacks. This result leaves the CMLL representative practically eliminated.

After this result, Master Wato is in 9th place in the standings with 4 points, while Titan is in last place with 2 points. Titan‘s next opponent in the tournament will be BUSHI, who came from beating the leader of block B El Desperado.



Best of the Super Junior 29 Block B Table: 

  1. El Desperado – 8 pts.
  2. El Phantasmo – 8 pts.
  3. El Lindaman  – 8 pts.
  4. Robbie Eagles  – 6 pts.
  5. Wheeler Yuta – 6 pts.
  6. BUSHI  – 6 pts.
  7. Douki – 6 pts.
  8.  TJ Perkins – 6 pts.
  9. Master Wato – 4 pts.
  10. Titan – 2 pts.

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