Lucha Teotl seeks to be the new way to enjoy lucha libre both outside and inside the ring. (PHOTO: Lucha Teotl / Chris Ramirez)

Lucha Teotl, the new lucha experience

Published July 15, 2021

Lucha Teotl is the new production that will provide a new experience to lucha libre fans and will be the perfect approach for newcomers to this fascinating sport entertainment. This bilingual theatrical performance will combine the culture of lucha libre with Aztec mythology, to tell us the story of the young masked Huitzi, who will join forces with the experienced Coyol to become the best luchadores of the Lucha Teotl Alliance. But for this they will have to overcome the family rivalry that has prevailed since their ancestors, putting their friendship to the test both inside and outside the string.

Pep Carrera from Lucha Central had the opportunity to chat with Cris Ramirez, co-director and writer of Lucha Teotl, about all the details about a spectacular theatrical lucha project. (Interview in Spanish)

Lucha Teotl will have its debut on Friday, July 16 at the Wyly Theater in Dallas, Texas, being part of the Elevator Project, having only 7 performances until July 26.

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