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Lucha Central Presents: Lucha Madness 2020 (VOTE NOW!)

Published April 22, 2020

With Lucha Central re-opening its doors today, we thought it would be nice to kick things off with something fun for everyone, especially considering there isn’t as much to do now thanks to the pandemic. So with that, I’m happy to announce that yes, indeed, LUCHA MADNESS IS BACK BABAY!


Shout out to the original logo!


For those who remember, last year we ran a 64 luchador(a) tournament, in the spirit of March Madness, where fans voted to determine who was…well the winner of inaugural Lucha Madness. And trust me; that’s bragging rights Andrade “La Sombra Cien” Almas is very proud to have. It was a lot of fun so we immediately decided to bring it back this year, only this time with a twist. While there will again be 64 luchador(a)s in the tournament, this time fans won’t be voting to see who gets bragging rights; this year the winner of Lucha Madness will be crowned, by you the fans, the Luchador(a) of the Decade! That’s a ton of bragging rights for the winner and probably a trophy as well.


So what else do you need to know? As announced of Lucha Central social media last night there will once again be four regions consisting of sixteen luchador(a)s; the El Santo Region, the Blue Demon Region, the Black Shadow Region and the El Solitario Region. While we revealed the talent involved last night we did not give away any match ups…mainly because we are doing it now! Below are the entire first round match ups, in each region, for Lucha Madness 2020.


El Santo Region


  1. Psycho Clown (number one overall seed) vs. 16. Star Jr.


  1. Pagano vs. 9. Sansón


  1. Texano Jr. vs. 12. Niebla Roja


  1. Perro Aguayo Jr. vs. 13. Ángel de Oro


  1. Cavernario vs. 11. Rey Cometa


  1. Fenix vs. 14. Taurus


  1. Drago vs. 10. Daga


  1. Rey Mysterio vs. 15. Laredo Kid


Blue Demon Region


  1. Último Guerrero vs. 16. Stuka Jr.


  1. Blue Demon Jr. vs. 9. Mephisto


  1. Máscara Dorada vs. 12. Valiente


  1. Dragón Lee vs. 13. Gran Guerrero


  1. Taya vs. 11. Rey Horus


  1. Volador Jr. vs. 14. Hijo del Vikingo


  1. Bandido vs. 10. Hechicero


  1. Atlantis vs. 15. Ricky Marvin


Black Shadow Region


  1. LA Park vs. 16. Trauma II


  1. Titán vs. 9. Trauma I


  1. Averno vs. 12. Mistico


  1. El Mesias vs. 13. Zeuxis


  1. El Hijo del Fantasma vs. 11. Garza Jr.


  1. Rush vs. 14. La Máscara


  1. Rey Escorpión vs. 10. Soberano Jr.


  1. Pentagon Jr. vs. 15. La Hiedra


El Solitario Region


  1. Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. 16. Demus


  1. Jack Evans vs. 9. Australian Suicide


  1. Aero Star vs. 12. Euforia


  1. Carístico vs. 13. Lady Shani


  1. Puma King vs. 11. Cuatrero


  1. Negro Casas vs. 14. El Terrible


  1. Blue Panther vs. 10. Alberto El Patron


  1. La Sombra vs. 15. Forastero


As of now voting is officially open for Lucha Madness. The polls will remain open until 11:59 p.m. EST on Friday tomorrow, at which point we will officially tally the votes so we can announce the Round of 32 Saturday afternoon, at which point polls will open for that round. More information on additional rounds will be revealed as Lucha Madness progresses. And that’s that! Get out, vote and EMBRACE THE MADNESS! Yes I know it’s corny but just go with it; it’s Lucha Madness after all.

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