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Lucha Central Podcast Network This Week: Can’t miss interview with Lucha Underground visionary & executive producer Skip Chaisson & More!

Published May 27, 2020

Lucha Central Podcast Network This Week: Can’t miss interview with Lucha Underground visionary & executive producer Skip Chaisson & More

Lucha Underground executive producer & El Rey chief creative officer Skip Chaisson details how the series developed its signature style – plus a new business podcast debut and more highlights from this week on the Lucha Central Podcast Network

This past Monday, the Lucha Central Podcast Network debuted the Business of the Business podcast bringing listeners inside how officially licensed merch gets made.  For over two decades now, Masked Republic President Kevin Kleinrock has been working inside the pro wrestling and entertainment industries writing, producing and overseeing the creation of officially licensed merchandise. Now, he takes listeners on a journey to gain insight and perspective on what goes into bringing fans official products. Joined each episode by someone deep in the trenches – artists, toy and collectible makers, agents, manufacturers, retailers, licensees and more – the series brings a plethora of unique perspectives to the processes.  Both parts of a two-part interview with graphic designer and illustrator Jeffrey Everett debuted this past Monday. Among topics covered are art school, fine art Vs. graphic design, music gig posters, creating officially licensed works for the WWE of Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins, Bobby Heenan, why his Mick Foley poster was rejected, creating logos and a birthday card for the Pope (not the wrestler!), working “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibase tributes into posters for the band Idles and more!


On Tuesday, a must-listen-to interview was released on the Masks, Mats and Mayhem show as the crew was able to talk with the driving force behind the look and feel of the Lucha Underground TV series, Executive Producer and El Rey Chief Creative Office Skip Chaisson. Whether you were a fan of the series or simply want to hear from one of Hollywood’s most prolific trailer editors and creative minds, the interview should not be missed.

Episode 3 – You Don’t Know Skip!  – Skip Chaisson Interview Part 1 & Lucha Underground Episode 3 Revisited is out now!  Watch the video version on Lucha Central‘s YouTube or LuchaCentral.com/videos or listen on iTunesSpotifySpreaker or your favorite podcast platform.

Coming Thursday on the LCPN:

Straight Outta the Bodega with Papo Esco – has part 2 with special guest, Masked Republic President, Kevin Kleinrock, as they talk the 90’s California indie scene, XPW, Wrestling Society X, the launch of the Lucha Central Podcast Network and more. New episodes drop every Thursday on iTunesGoogle PodcastsSpotify and more. Click the links to listen to last week’s episode now.

La Mesa de los Márgaros – In Spanish, La Mesa de los Márgaros brings together the most eclectic group of individuals on a sports podcast as a lucha libre host, photographer, dancer, doctor, referee and their special guests gather around a virtual table to discuss a variety of topics in their own irreverent signature style. This Thursday, CMLL luchador Tiger Casas, son of the legendary Felino, joins the show.  Listen to last week’s episode now featuring all of the week’s hottest topics plus guests – photographer Jerry Villagrana and AAA’s rudo referee Hijo del TirantesiTunesGoogle PodcastsSpotify. A video version of the series is also available weekly on LuchaCentral.com/videos.

Fridays on the LCPN are for our weekly recap shows Lucha Central Weekly and Lucha Central Weekly en Español.  Two shows, two languages – ALL of the top lucha libre related news of the week not only from Mexico, but from the luchadores in AEW, Impact Wrestling, MLW, Ring of Honor and WWE as well.  You give the shows 90 minutes and they’ll give you everything you need to know to be up on what’s happened in the last 7 days, and what not to miss in the week to come!

Last week’s English episode featured an interview with Impact Wrestling X Division Champion Wilie Mack about his start training in lucha libre, winning the X Division title and more – listen to it now!

Lucha Central Weekly can be found on iTunesGoogle PodcastsSpotify and more.

Lucha Central Weekly en Español can be found on iTunesGoogle PodcastsSpotify and more.

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This week on the Lucha Central Podcast Network!

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