Templario wins the Dragon Rojo Jr.'s mask! (PHOTO: CMLL)

CMLL 90th Anniversary Show at Arena Mexico Quick Results (09/16/2023)

Published September 16, 2023

CMLL held its 90th Anniversary Show at Arena Mexico in Mexico City.

Arena Mexico had a spectacular sold out.


PHOTO: CMLL / Alexis Salazar 



– Main Event Match: Templario defeated Dragon Rojo Jr. (Mask vs. Mask Match)

*Templario won the Dragon Rojo Jr.‘s mask. Dragon Rojo Jr. said his name is Anselmo Rivas Castro, 42 years old, 22 as a professional luchador.


PHOTO: CMLL / Alexis Salazar 


– Seventh Match: Volador Jr. defeated Angel de Oro(Hair vs. Hair Match)

*Volador Jr. won the Angel de Oro‘s hair.


PHOTO: CMLL / Alexis Salazar 


– Sixth Match: Volador Jr. & Angel de Oro defeated Ultimo Guerrero & Averno (Relevos Suicidas Match)

*Volador Jr. and Angel de Oro won the opportunity to face each other in a Hair vs. Hair Match.




– Fifth Match: Mistico, Atlantis Jr. & Mascara Dorada defeated Rocky Romero, TJP & Kevin Knight (Trios Match)


PHOTO: CMLL / Alexis Salazar 


– Fourth Match: Lince Dorado & Samuray del Sol defeated Titan & Soberano Jr. (Tag Team Match)


PHOTO: CMLL / Alexis Salazar 


– Third Match: Atlantis, Octagon & Blue Panther defeated El Satanico, Fuerza Guerrera & Virus (Trios Match)


PHOTO: CMLL / Alexis Salazar 


– Second Match: Esfinge defeated Rugido (2023 CMLL Copa Independencia Final Match)

*Esfinge won the 5th edition of the CMLL Copa Independencia.


PHOTO: CMLL / Alexis Salazar 


– First Match: Stephanie Vaquer & Zeuxis defeated La Jarochita & Lluvia (CMLL World Women’s Tag Team Championship Match)

*Stephanie Vaquer and Zeuxis are the first luchadoras to win the CMLL World Women’s Tag Team Championship.


PHOTO: CMLL / Alexis Salazar 


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