TripleMania XXX: Tijuana
The Luchabag has come back, and it comes with a preview of AAA's TripleMania XXX: Tijuana. (PHOTO: Lucha Libre AAA)

…And Out Come The Luchabag (Plus TripleMania: Tijuana Preview)

Published June 17, 2022

It is 1:55 in the morning sports fans, I have an episode of Castle on, and HOLY CRAP I STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN THIS LUCHABAG/TRIPLEMANIA PREVIEW OUT! Talk about cutting it to the last minute. Then again Lucha Libre AAA still hasn’t announced just who is replacing Jeff Hardy in the main event, so it’s only right I wait till the very end to get this bad boy out. Plus, can you blame me for being distracted? This week alone had the Jeff Hardy DUI, Andrade revealing he was left off Forbidden Door due to typical Lucha Libre AAA/CMLL silliness, and of course, Vince McMahon becoming embroiled in the biggest wrestling scandal this side of Ultimo Guerrero’s damaged sports car. It took up so much of my time today that I couldn’t even fit in an email from a totally real fan about how Lucha Central founder Kevin Kleinrock should be the new WWE CEO! Those are the breaks I suppose. Fortunately, there’s still time, this bad boy has baked in the oven for the appropriate amount of time and all those pressing questions will be answered. BRING FORTH THE LUCHABAG!




Can you believe this Vince McMahon shit?! And they say lucha libre is a mess!

-Javier, Nuevo Paraiso

Can I believe that Vince McMahon, a man long known for being the sleaziest person this side of the “must be weird not having anyone (the following has been redacted by the editors of Lucha Central) on you” guy from Showgirls, would do something like this? Well let me think on that one…yes, yes I can believe it. Like seriously; who is shocked by this? IT’S VINCE MCMAHON! This is the same guy who used to cheat on his wife IN STORYLINE every other week during WWE’s heyday, a man who may or may not have covered up a murder once upon a time, and, oh yeah, a guy accused of some level of sexual misconduct at least twice in the past. The only shocking thing is that it took this long for it to become newsworthy again. Well that and how we’re now all acknowledging that Vince and Linda’s marriage resides in the afterlife, along with the Quebec Nordiques and the Hartford Whalers. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy and a nicer woman who may or may not have helped fund a potential coup and wow Cult, you need to stop talking immediately!

Is there anything in lucha libre that comes to this Vince McMahon scandal? The best thing I can think of is the time Psycho Clown, Maximo, and La Mascara destroyed Ultimo Guerrero’s sports car and no offense to them, but this is way crazier than the sports car!

-The Man From Another Place, Another Place

I am probably the wrong person to ask given that I don’t know every crook and nanny of lucha libre history. But off the top of my head, no, there has never been a public scandal in lucha that stands toe to toe with the most well-known wrestling promoter in the world being outed for doing something you’d only see in Michael Connelly novels or, you know, real-life corporate America. Now privately? I wouldn’t even think this would crack the top 20 of potential lucha libre scandals. There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes in lucha that we regular fans (or even experts) either don’t know about or can’t speak about on the record, stuff that hopefully will one day come out and help make lucha libre a significantly better place. Or at least a place that is willing to shut the door to Travis Banks and that dork with his dopey Penguin mask. Until that day comes though, publicly there have been no issues in lucha that come close to this scandal Vince has now. Then again, the destruction of UG’s sports car did lead to several people being fired and the existence of Bobby Z being thrown into question, whereas this Vince scandal may just lead to Johnny Ace being shown the door. Also, it was way funnier than this scandal, which is basically just the scene of BOB from Twin Peaks crawling on the floor, only if it never ended.


Showtime choc asombro GIF on GIFER - by Malsa



Who else is on the CMLL blacklist?

-Lily, Parts Unknown

Man, they’re coming out firing with the questions to start this one. We know Andrade, Fenix and Pentagon are on the list given that they’ll be watching Forbidden Door with myself and my PPV guy, Joseph Remington Brown III Esq. instead of, you know, actually working the event. Beyond that, we have, according to my sources, El Hijo del Santo, Rush, Dragon Lee, La Mascara, Psycho Clown, Bandido, Dr. Wagner Jr., Konnan, Antonio Pena (even though he’s dead), and likely several more who are all banned from CMLL and thus also banned from New Japan. Some are banned for leaving, some are banned for destroying sports cars, some are banned for starting a rival wrestling promotion that CMLL hates to this day, some are banned for working that promotion, and some are banned because it’s CMLL and they’re weird. Is it silly? Yes. Is it stupid and bad for business to ban certain big stars from ever appearing for you? Absolutely. Does CMLL care? No, which is why you won’t be seeing any of these guys in CMLL again and why you won’t be seeing certain luchadores appearing on AEW/NJPW events as long as New Japan keeps palling around with CMLL. On the plus side, this does lead to stuff like Santo filming commercials in Arena Coliseo (owned by CMLL), without CMLL’s knowledge, which you know just rustles their jimmies with something fierce. This is why El Hijo del Santo rules and La Mascara is stuck working Robles like he’s Jean Claude Van Damme in a D-List film you can’t even get at Redbox. Does Redbox even exist still?

Is Jose the Assistant also banned from Forbidden Door?

-The Woman From Another Place, Another Place

Come on now; you can’t ban Jose the Assistant. HE’S FRIGGIN JOSE THE ASSISTANT! Everybody loves him, including CMLL. Plus, Andrade revealed he was safe on Twitter earlier too, so it’s all good. Now does that mean he’ll be on Forbidden Door? Of course not. Wherever Andrade goes, Jose goes with him, which means Andrade will be fighting over the last slice of pizza at Joseph Remington Brown III Esq.’s house a week and a half from now.

How pissed was Dorian Roldan when Tony Khan praised luchablog after the post-Double or Nothing media scrum?

-Angel, Saltillo

I’d say he was pretty ticked, provided he saw it of course. And who knows if Dorian saw it; he appears to pop up on social media once every blue moon, where he just happens to see poor Cubs making a valid point, leading to him turning into the sensitive soul everyone thinks Tony Khan is. If he did say it though? Oh yeah; he didn’t love it. But who would love it when their business partner heaps praise on someone you’ve decided to rage war with for reasons that make no sense to anyone? I don’t know what my point here was!

Is Poder del Norte coming back to CMLL?

-Maria, West Side

Can one come back to a place they’ve never been? I’ve looked up all the incarnations of Poder del Norte and at least according to Cagematch, neither the current incarnation of the stable nor the two past ones have ever been in CMLL. The closest Poder del Norte has gotten to being in CMLL was when Carta Brava Jr. worked three matches for them in 2006 and 2007 and when Mocha Cota Jr. worked thirteen matches there in 1997 and 1998. In conclusion, there’s never been a Poder del Norte run in CMLL. Now we all know.


G.I. Joe Lied To Us—Knowing Is Not Half The Battle | HackerNoon


Should this preclude this new incarnation from joining CMLL if the rumors of Mocho Cota Jr. and Tito Santana leaving Lucha Libre AAA are true? Absolutely not. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; Poder del Norte has been one of, if not the, best trios in lucha libre for the past several years and a group you could always count on in Lucha Libre AAA to deliver at worst a good match, regardless of the opponent. CMLL has improved a ton in 2022, but you can always use more great, fresh talent (especially in the trios division), and Cota and Santana would give them that, even if it’s just the two of them with Brava staying behind (as has also been rumored). So CMLL should bring them in for sure. Will they? I’m pressing X for doubt on that one. If anything, it’s more likely Lucha Libre AAA will give Brava two new guys to replace them, that group will take off unless it’s just filled with dorks because Brava is a potential superstar, and Cota and Santana will disappear to the shadow realm known as Robles, destined to put over La Mascara in front of the same amount of beings in my living room right now? How many beings are in my living room right now? Two cats. It’s tough sledding for Robles!

How pissed will the internet be when Charlotte arrives in AEW?

-Diego, Guadalajara

I’m sorry; do you mean Sasha Banks? That’s the woman who appears to be leaving WWE in a matter of days, not Charlotte. Plus, Charlotte is totally happy with WWE! That’s why she’s yet to appear on SmackDown despite her honeymoon being over, while also accompanying Andrade to AEW shows. Totally a sign that all is well and she will be with WWE for years to come!

Seriously though, how quickly will Charlotte become Reina de Reinas Champion when she leaves WWE?

-Trask, Future’s Past

First, we have Charlotte going to AEW and now we have her going to Lucha Libre AAA? I know she’s showing up to AEW shows and not the place she actually works for, but again I’ll ask; are you sure you don’t mean Sasha Banks? She’s only on the outs with WWE right now and may be in the process of obtaining her release once legal dots the i’s and cross the t’s. Why ask if Charlotte will be winning Lucha Libre AAA gold, even though her contract could run until the sun supernovas when it could be Boss time this weekend?!


sashabankswwe sasha banks gif | WiffleGif

This will get the stans on my side!


Alright enough goofing; I’ll get hypothetical and answer the question. Let’s say that Charlotte is upset with WWE (which we have no idea if she is, some circumstantial evidence aside) and is counting down the days till her deal expires so she can join Andrade in AEW. If that were true, and Lucha Libre AAA could get access to her? She’d be champion before she’d even wrestle a match. I shit you not. I love Taya, Lucha Libre AAA loves Taya, and there is not a doubt in my mind Lucha Libre AAA would immediately move on and put the belt on Charlotte if they thought she’d work semi-regularly there. Now there is the issue of Andrade feeling AAA has helped screw him out of New Japan bookings, Forbidden Door, and his pay, which I’m sure would make Charlotte think twice of getting involved with them. But again, hypothetically, if she became available, and Andrade and Lucha Libre AAA got shit sorted, she’d be AAA Reina de Reinas Champion faster than shit through the goose. Are you happy now? Good! Back to normalcy.

Sasha Banks is an Eddy Guerrero fan. Eddy Guerrero had his greatest match ever in AAA. You know what to do Boss!

-Carlos, San Diego

Or not! I will at least say that Sasha will probably be available sooner than later, she does seem to have an interest in all sorts of wrestling, including lucha, and thus it’s not impossible for her to wind up in Lucha Libre AAA. That being said, if Sasha gets her release in the next week and a half, the only place you’ll be seeing her is after Toni Storm vs. Thunder Rosa at AEWxNJPW: Forbidden Door to set up her winning the championship at All Out. You heard it here first. Also, I take my payments in Pepsi.

On a scale from Jerry Estrada vs. Heavy Metal to Faby vs. Mary, how good was the Jericho-Ortiz hair vs. hair match on Dynamite this Wednesday?

-Shelia, Forrest Hills

Well, I can tell you it wasn’t on the level of the two matches mentioned in the question and it couldn’t have been. For starters, one of the above matches featured the wildest ending in wrestling history, along with Estrada making his entrance WITH A COUGAR, while the other was an all-time great TripleMania match that culminated a several-year-long story. Jericho-Ortiz was one of those CMLL hair feuds that built for a month and then climaxed at a regular Super Viernes as opposed to one of the big shows. That being said, it was definitely on the high end of that level. The St. Louis crowd was super hot for the match and bought everything (including some great Ortiz near falls), the interference enhanced the match, Ortiz had perhaps the best solo performance of his career and good old Corazon de Leon has been on a roll ever since he dropped the dad bod and got into shape again. It was certainly the best hair match I’ve seen in the US in a minute, and given I was expecting it to be “fine”, that’s a-okay by me.

Happy first anniversary of Federacion Wrestling postponing their first event, never to return! You think we’ll ever get those refunds? I’VE GOT MY FINGERS CROSSED! 

-Skeegan, UCONN

Would you believe I had forgotten all about Federacion Wrestling until luchablog posted about it this week? Actually, I’m pretty sure we all forgot about them; after all, they made such an impression with the shittiest introduction presser of all time, only to fold immediately after that. Looking back I’m not sure what the funniest part was; CMLL freaking out so bad that they ended their relationship with Ring of Honor over a promotion that was destined to last as long as Stewie Griffin in the sack, the luchadores that actually considered leaving their jobs in Lucha Libre AAA and CMLL for Federacion or that the first show was likely to end with Federacion’s big surprise reveal being Vangellys. Cause as we all know, nothing says big leagues quite like an M. Bison cosplayer in Nazi gear that couldn’t wrestle to save my life. Also, I hate to break this to you Skeegan, but you ain’t getting that refund back. That money is either being used to buy Rush a snack while he’s on the way to an AEW event, or is going into the La Mascara retirement fund. Look on the bright side; he’s only got thousands of dollars and multiple years of being the lamest wrestler alive till he reaches his goal!

You’re Konnan/Dorian (congratulations? My condolences?). You have to choose who replaces Jeff Hardy at TripleMania: Tijuana. Who do you go with?

-Abby, Catalina Island

Hey now; I’d love to be Dorian Roldan or Konnan! Do you know how cool it would be to either book Lucha Libre AAA after a legendary lucha career, or run the promotion while having a Vito Corleone collectible I can break out during remote pressers? THAT’S THE DREAM MAN! So let’s get that out of the way, and also post that picture of the collectible in Dorian’s office.


Top right-hand corner! Also, Dorian’s clearly making an offer someone can’t refuse at this time


As for what I would do to replace Jeff Hardy to team with Matt Hardy against Dragon Lee and Dralistico this Saturday…honestly, I don’t know. It’s a tough one for several reasons. On the one hand, I’d want someone who could mesh with Dragon Lee and Dralistico’s style to give me the best match possible. On the other hand, this was booked less to be a MOTYC and more to be a star-studded spectacle, featuring arguably the most popular tag team in wrestling history going against one of Lucha Libre AAA’s top teams. So do you go with the match quality, the star power, or try to find a happy middle ground? And also, do you have enough time (assuming Lucha Libre AAA hasn’t already found the guy) to find someone worthy of either, or both, of those qualities in the final few days before this show? I know Dorian and Konnan are popular punching bags at times, but I sympathize with them in this case. Like everyone else, they were screwed over big by Jeff’s actions with only a limited time to find a replacement out on the opponent market or work something out with AEW or Impact to bring someone in. So yeah; no idea. I guess if I had to make a pick, I’ll go with Johnny Elite/Johnny Caballero; he’s a safe pick, he’s well known to theLucha Libre AAA audience, he has some star power (though less than Jeff Hardy obviously) and he’ll work well with Lee and Dralistico. It’s not perfect, but nothing is at this point…well unless Sasha does get her release and she can work Saturday. And now I’ve given all of us false hope!

Let’s be real here; Kleinrock is getting booker of the year for Expo Lucha, right? The man ran circles around the job TK’s doing right now. AEW would be doing 2 million and 1.0’s in 18-49 with Killer Kev running the show like the Wrestling Society X days.

-D. Dude, SoCal

Let the record show that I showed Kevin this email, and his immediate reaction was the same one Danforth had when he saw whatever it was that lay beyond the mountains of madness. I think he’s good letting TK book weekly TV while he promotes Expo Lucha once a year. That said, he did do a hell of a job, didn’t he? The Edmonton Oilers didn’t have as much working against them against Colorado as Kevin did last weekend, and he looked those visa and travel issues in the eye, pulled so rabbits out of his eye monocle (Killer Kev goes against the grain when it comes to magic tricks) and put on some damn good shows. He also made me want to see Juventud Guerrera vs. Dragon Lee, something I didn’t know I wanted till Saturday night. So even if it was just one show, I’m giving Kev booker of the year, and moving him above that lame Dorko Dude guy in the “SoCal Wrestling Legends power rankings.” Well done Kev. I believe I earned that raise with that last paragraph, right?

How much would it cost me to have Joe “The Avalanche” Dombrowski and Larry “The Lip” Dallas call my life? I haven’t heard such a great commentary duo since the glory days of Gary Thorne and Bill Clement!

–Miles, Green Hill Zone

Boy, that’s high praise; such high praise that when I showed it to Joe he was a bit taken aback. Must be a big Thorne and Clement fan (let’s be real; who isn’t?). That said, Joe also told me that he’d be willing to do hourly rates, so there is hope. Of course, he also said it wouldn’t come cheap, but then again why wouldn’t it; this is Joe “The Avalanche” Dombrowski we’re talking about here. Yes, he’s all that and a bag of chips, yes he and Larry “The Lip” Dallas are the best Lucha Libre AAA English commentary team this side of Chris Cruise and Mike Tenay, yes I came up with those nicknames myself, and no, Larry has no idea he’s now Larry “The Lip.” I should probably stop now.

What happens first; the Teddy Hart documentary on Peacock with Kleinrock taking up half of the doc or Expo Lucha in Rhode Island?

-Eric, Rhode Island

They’ll happen at the same time, which will become apparent when Kevin does a Q&A about his involvement in the documentary at Expo Lucha: Lucha Takes Rhode Island next June. Get it? Got it? GOOD! Luchabag over, onto the preview!



Chik Tormenta vs. Flammer vs. La Hiedra vs. Lady Shani vs. Maravilla vs. Reina Dorada vs. Sexy Star vs. MAYBE a Luchadora Sorpresa in a steel cage match, final two left in the cage advance to mask vs. mask match later in the show: This really shouldn’t be a hard one to figure out; there’s a bunch of luchadoras in the cage, everyone tries to escape and the two that don’t go on to wrestle in a mask vs. mask match later on the show. Of course, this is Lucha Libre AAA, and as of this writing, we still don’t know if it will just be seven luchadoras or if an eighth will be added. Hell, this may not even be broadcast live, as it was originally on the pre-show. In short, all I can tell you is there will be a match in a cage, seven luchadoras will be in it and two poor, unfortunate souls will move on to potentially lose their mask. The good news is there are actual stakes here, it’s hard to see any of these women losing their mask (thus allowing some unpredictability) and save Reina Dorada (who is decent), the participants here range from very good to great. The bad news is this is a lucha cage match and most of them are so bad they make one long for repeated views of The Beach. As such, it’ll be less about match quality and who will be the two going on to wrestle later in the show. Since I legit have no idea, I’ll go with what I would do, and pick the top technica and one of the top rudas to move on so we can have a great singles match later. Sorry, Shani and Maravilla; I choose you. On the bright side, maybe it’ll serve as a jinx and make sure two others wind up in this spot instead! Losers: Lady Shani and Maravilla. 

Abismo Negro Jr. vs. Charly Manson vs. Cibernetico vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Dulce Kanela vs. Heavy Metal vs. Mamba vs. Mr. Iguana vs. Nino Hamberguesa vs. Pagano vs. Rey Xolo vs. Vamprio vs. Luchador Sorpresa in Copa TripleMania Tijuana: You’re going to be stunned by this one sports fans, but there may be changes to this match! Evidently, Dr. Wagner Jr., who is booked here, is also booked for an event in Texas this Saturday. Normally I’d say Wagner would go with this one, if only because a TripleMania of any kind is probably bigger than a random show in Texas. Of course, Wagner is also likely to headline that show, whereas he’s likely headlining the other show, so I’d say head on over to the F-You state if you want your dose of bad medicine Saturday night. HIT THAT BON JOVI MUSIC!


Late Night "Triumph sings at Bon Jovi Concert" - YouTube


Wagner or no Wagner, this will probably be the same Copa TripleMania (or Copa Insert Name here) Lucha Libre AAA always puts on; it’ll be Rumble rules, there will be a few cool sequences and by the next day, we’ll have all forgotten who is in this match. In other words, keep your expectations low. I will say that I do hope Chessman at least appears here; the man deserves to keep his TripleMania streak going (he’s appeared on a TripleMania show for 21 consecutive years, and would have appeared on 21 consecutive TripleMania shows if he had been on the Monterrey show) and he’s also better than a good chunk of people here. Naturally, I presume he’ll miss this, and Lucha Libre AAA will instead give it to one of the legends that have been popping in and out of Lucha Libre AAA this year. Winner: Heavy Metal.

Laredo Kid (c) vs. Taurus (c) vs. Bandido vs. Fenix vs. Hijo del Vikingo for the AAA Latin American and AAA World Cruiserweight Championships: Now this is more like it Mr. Wayne. Yes it’s another multi-man with a bunch of talented guys instead of a straight one on one, yes the Lucha Libre AAA Mega Championship is inexplicably not on the line while the Latin American and Cruiserweight titles are, yes Laredo Kid’s record title reign may end without him being pinned, yes the rules are wonky and WHY AM I COMPLAINING, LOOK AT WHO IS IN THIS MATCH! This is Bandido, Fenix, Laredo Kid, Taurus, and Vikingo, five of the fifteen best luchadores on this mortal coil today, all competing against each other. No, it’s not under perfect circumstances, but by Grodd, I am not going to say no to a match featuring all this talent. There are no guarantees in life, but if given enough time and no screw-ups (and perfect weather; that does always seem to hinder Lucha Libre AAA!), these five could create one of the best matches in lucha libre history. I have no doubt they’ll try and at worst they’ll give us something to remember. As for the winner, I think you have to go with either Vikingo winning to give him all three titles, or one of the others winning to then set up Vikingo against them at TripleMania to unify all the belts. In that scenario, my heart would be with Laredo Kid. Sadly (but not sadly, this guy is great too!), my head has to go with the guy Vikingo showed some tension with when the two teamed together at TripleMania: Monterrey back in April. Oh goodness; I can hear Meltzer and Alvarez complaining about more belts on AEW TV already! Winner: Fenix.

Pentagon Jr. vs. Blue Demon Jr. in the semi-finals of the La Ruleta de la Muerte tournament: Let’s brush up on our Ruleta de la Muerte history before we deep dive into this match sports fans. Unlike most tournaments, Ruleta de la Muerte sees the losers move onto the next round, hence Pentagon is here after losing to Ultimo Dragon and Demon is here after taking El Kabong from Rayo de Jalisco Jr. (some say Demon still hasn’t woken up from the shot). The two will now battle here, while Psycho Clown and Villano IV battle in the other semi-finals match later in the show. The winners will move on to chilling with LA Park, Canek, Dragon, and Rayo at the winner’s table, while the losers will head off to Mexico City in October to put their masks on the line. And now you’re all caught up on Ruleta de la Muerte!


Everybody got that? (Spaceballs) | Reaction GIFs


Call me crazy here, but I have a feeling this match may turn out to be good. I know; Blue Demon Jr. was in it and his match with Rayo was less the work of peak Kenneth Branagh and more the work of peak Uwe Boll. Here’s the difference though; Pentagon Jr. is WAY better than Rayo de Jalisco Jr. More importantly, he likes to brawl, and Demon is at his best when he’s brawling and can use his trusted hammer. I expect they will do that, I expect it will get bloody, and unless Pentagon just coasts because he has no respect for Demon (which hey, maybe he doesn’t), I think this could wind up being a decent match. As for the winner, this is the one match I can see going either way and with Fenix being occupied (if you believe me) this October, I get the feeling Pentagon may find himself in a bit of danger around the same time. Winner: Blue Demon Jr.

Lady Shani vs. Maravilla in a mask vs. mask match: Look sports fans; I picked these two to get to this match and thus I’m going to preview it, even if this winds up being Chik Tormenta vs. Reina Dorada and I end up looking like the silliest man in the history of the western hemisphere. Like I said earlier; to me, this is the match that would be the best between Maravilla’s overall skill and Shani’s mat/striking skills; it’s also likely to be the matchup that will get the biggest reaction of all the competitors. Does it make sense to do this on a short build? Absolutely not. But it’s Lucha Libre AAA and I think even they know that putting Reina Dorada in this spot to predictably lose would be, how does one phrase it, disappointing. So yeah; they’re doing this match, it’ll be good, Shani will win and unmask Maravilla, and if I’m wrong, send your hate mail to nowhere because I’M RUNNING AWAY AND YOU’LL NEVER FIND ME! I kid I kid. Just send it to the usual address. Winner: Lady Shani.

Psycho Clown vs. Villano IV in the semi-finals of La Ruleta de la Muerte tournament: Of the two semi-finals matches in Ruleta de la Muerte, this is the one people will probably be up for the most. There’s history here; Villano IV, along with Villano I and Villano V, famously unmasked Brazo de Plata (Super Porky), Brazo de Oro, and El Brazo back in 1988, three men that happen to be Psycho’s father and uncles respectively. To make matters worse, Villano IV then later shaved Brazo de Oro’s hair years later. There’s also the matter of Psycho and Villano IV being on opposite ends of what many consider the worst TripleMania match in history at TripleMania XXIII, something they’ll surely be trying to top. But above all the history is the fact that you know THE ACE, much like he did in Monterrey with Canek, will work his ass off to make this match work. And Villano, as old and creaky as he is, showed he still had some fight with LA Park, and if anyone can help him replicate that performance Saturday, it’s Lucha Libre AAA’s top star. I expect another wild affair in this one, with a valiant Villano falling again, putting him on a collision course with the man of Cero Miedo. Another plus for Psycho; if Wagner is indeed in Texas, he need not worry about another attack from The Alliance to End PsychoMania. Winner: Psycho Clown. 

Dragon Lee & Dralistico (Los Faccion Ingobernables) vs. Matt Hardy & Luchador Sorpresa: This is a hard one to predict given that no one has a friggin clue what’s going on here. One would think that Lucha Libre AAA would want a big name to replace Jeff and act accordingly. Of course, if they did that, you’d also think they would’ve advertised who that big-name was before the show. At the same time, it’s Lucha Libre Lucha Libre AAA, half the time we have no idea what they’re doing, and do you see what I’m getting at with this?!


Image result for dogs and cats living together mass hysteria gif | Dog cat, Human, Living together


We could spend hours going in circles here, but ultimately we’d wind up in the same spot, with me saying I have no idea what is going on. The good news is no one knows what’s going on, possibly even Lucha Libre Lucha Libre AAA! Maybe they’ve got a guy and they’re waiting to see if his travel pans out, maybe they have a lower-level guy and won’t reveal it because there’s no point, maybe they’re still deciding. Whoever it is, I just hope it’s someone that is good and helps make this match better. Dralistico and especially Dragon Lee are more than capable of being great, and while Matt Hardy isn’t what he used to be, he tries hard, he’ll be over and the tag match will protect him to some degree. There is hope…if Lucha Libre AAA can get the right guy. Will they? Tune in at midnight tomorrow to find out! And then tune in to see Dragon Lee and Dralistico pick up the W. Winners: Dragon Lee & Dralistico.

There you have it peeps! I’ll see you tomorrow/today for a review of the big show, should I somehow survive it all. TILL THEN!


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