Just two weeks ago at San Diego Comic Con, two lucha libre legends, Rey Mysterio and Psychosis, were guests at the Masked Republic and Headlocked Comic booth.  Check out our full Lucha Libre and Pro Wrestling Stars At San Diego Comic Con report here.

The biggest lucha related news coming out of SDCC was the launch of Masked Republic and Chido Comics’ The Luchaverse and the first chapter, a Rey Mysterio one-shot.  We’ve got all of your Luchaverse related news right here.

Of all of the thousands of San Diego Comic Con exclusive merchandise releases, one of the coolest had to be the exclusive art print from Headlocked and Doug Hills – a classic comic book cover re-imagined as the ECW feud between Rey Mysterio and Psychosis that opened up the U.S. independent wrestling scene’s eyes to lucha libre!  Without their ECW feud, Kevin Sullivan may never have worked with Konnan to bring Rey, Psychosis, La Parka, Juventud Guerrera and others to WCW.  Without WCW, Rey and Psychosis would not have ended up in WWE.  It was without a doubt, one of the most important feuds in pro wrestling HISTORY in terms of sheer impact and repercussions.

Only 50 prints were made and now one, autographed by BOTH lucha libre legends, is going to be given away to a LuchaCentral.com member!

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