This Friday CMLL is set to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Blue Panther, one of the greatest luchadores of all time and an influence to wrestlers all over the world, including the likes of Ultimo Guerrero and Daniel Bryan. So with that in mind, Lucha Central has decided to join in the celebration with what I like to call Blue Panther Week! From now until Friday night, in addition to all the other great stuff we give you, Lucha Central will be talking all things Panther. It will begin tonight with a look at Panther’s storied career; Monday we will look at his legendary feud with “Love Machine” Art Barr, Tuesday and Wednesday will focus on his sons, Black Panther and Blue Panther Jr., Thursday we’ll look at his controversial Apuesta loss to Villano V and Friday will feature a ranking of Panther’s greatest matches. And that’s just part of what we have in store for you!


What else is there to say except welcome to Blue Panther Week! Get ready to learn all about El Maestro Lagunero.