The Best of MMM Show #6 – Lucha Underground’s Luchador and Manager Extraordinaire Famous B

The Best of MMM Show #6 - Famous B
Lucha Underground wrestler and manager/agent Famous B joins the MMM Show to talk about being the first manager with his own valet, superkicking Mascarita Sagrada, the believers backlash match where Mascarita beat him up and soda was poured on his new suit, what’s in store for 423-GetFame (an actual working phone number we called when they first ran the commercials…earning Lucha Underground bonus points with us for seeing an angle through), his favorite managers of all time and more!
And be sure to catch B on Lucha Underground Season 4 premiering June 13th on El Rey!


  1. Jason Haefer

    Famous B is so damn good on LU. Hopefully gets some good attention with Season 4.



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