VIDEO: Match of the Day – Cage Match – LA PARK vs. Caristico (Liga Elite 2016)

Lucha en Jaula: LA PARK vs. Caristico (Liga Elite - 2016)

When Liga Elite began running shows in Mexico it was a very unique mix of talent.  They seemed to be the only company in Mexico not named CMLL to be able to, on TV: Use Arena Mexico, book CMLL talent and also book outside talent.

While Elite stopped running events, with their return coming on July 21, and a new angle possibly – this time involving AAA and not CMLL (Teddy Hart, Black Taurus and others have been seen wearing Elite shirts in AAA), we figured let’s take a look back at one of the biggest matches the 2016 version of Elite delivered – LA PARK vs. Caristico Mano-A-Mano in a cage!

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