VIDEO: Match of the Day – Black Tiger IV (Rocky Romero) vs. Scorpio Sky from Lucha Las Vegas pilot taping in 2011

Lucha Las Vegas Pilot Taping - Black Tiger IV (Rocky Romero) vs. Scorpio Sky with Buggy Nova as ref

In 2011, Masked Republic taped a TV pilot for a potential series called Lucha Las Vegas.  After, the series was actually picked up by Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment for development, but, unfortunately, that was at the same time BHE took over Impact Wrestling and six months later, Masked Republic took the rights back and shelved the project.  Talent for the taping included LA PARK, Blue Demon Jr., TJP working a gimmick created for the series “Apostle Azul,” the first Hijo de Rey Mysterio, Joey Ryan, Colt Cabana as Matt Classic, Luke Hawx, Joey Kaos and more.  Two live bands – a masked “tecnico” band (real life band Los Kraneos) and a “rudo” band (real life band Chotto Ghetto) played luchadores to the ring and SiNN Bhodi hosted the entire extravaganza while performing his circus freak tricks between matches. It truly was a unique show that combined lucha libre with a Las Vegas spectacular.

In this match, it is Scorpio Sky (currently 1/3 of the Ring of Honor 6-Man Champions and trainer at the New Japan Dojo in Los Angeles) vs. Black Tiger IV (a.k.a. Rocky Romero, NJPW and ROH star – who was wrestling in CMLL and winning “Feud of the Year” in 2003).  (Lucha Las Vegas also had all female referees, so some of you may recognize Buggy Nova as the ref.)



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