VIDEO: Lucha Underground S4 Premiere Tomorrow! Watch Dario Cueto’s Top 10 Favorite Things About Lucha Underground!

Dario Cueto's Top 10 Things About Lucha Underground

SEASON 4 STARTS TOMORROW!!!  We’re less than 24 hours from the debut of what promises to be the most epic season of Lucha Underground to date!  We’re excited to see what is in store for the fate of Dario Cueto, but for the time being, let’s look back at better times as Cueto explains his Top 10 favorite things about Lucha Underground.

Also, if you have not read Eric Mutter’s 5-part “The Top 100 Lucha Underground Matches of All Time” tonight’s the night to do that! Read part 1 – Matches 100-81 here!



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