A press conference held to announce AAA’s first two shows of 2019 may have turned into an official announcement for the future of Lucha Underground. At the start of the presser, lucha libre legend and LU commentator Vampiro seemed to confirm that LU’s fifth season was a go, telling the press that it was already being worked on. That may have fallen through the cracks if things had been left at that but when asked about it later Vamp went further into detail, assuring everyone that Lucha Underground’s fifth season would happen, that the show would be bringing in more talent from AAA (a frequent complaint of many fans in the fourth season) and, perhaps most interestingly, that the show would be returning with a new look. He did not, however, announce a date for when the new season would begin.


To say this comes as a shock is an understatement. News on a fifth season of Lucha Underground has gone cold ever since season four wrapped up with an excellent Ultima Lucha IV on November 7th, with the only recent LU news being their removal from Netflix and the unexpected revelation of the first three seasons being available on DVD. During an interview with the Masks, Mats and Mayhem podcast around Ultima Lucha IV, executive producer Eric Van Wagenen suggested the wait for a season five may be a bit as LU looked to secure funds from outside investors in order to up the budget from season four. What makes this newsworthy is that these statements come from Vampiro, someone high up the LU food chain. In addition to serving as color commentator and one of the backstage agents for the show, Vamp has also been LU’s head of talent relations for the last year and a half. If nothing else, his statements today off assurances that a season five will be appearing eventually.


Update: After receiving several questions on Twitter, Vampiro has clarified what he said earlier by tweeting that while LU season five is definitely in the planning stages it is has not officially been given the green light.



Lucha Central will continue to provide updates on this developing story.