On Saturday night, April 14th, The Crash Lucha Libre returned to Tijuana headlined by LA PARK vs. Rey Fenix for the first time ever!

We had live tweets on the @LuchaCentralCom Twitter account thanks to @JorgeGCRR.  Here is a recap of his reporting:

  1.  Buffalo Ayala and Ultimo Maldito defeated Hantar & Kronoz when Alaya submitted Kronoz
  2. Lady Flamer, Black Danger, Black Taurus & Crash Women’s Champion Lacey Lane beat Keyra, Rayo Star, Luke Hawx and Christi Jaynes when Black Danger pinned Christi after an assisted Magic Killer (thanks to Lacey Lane).  After, Lacey and Christi sparred on the mic and then got into a pull apart brawl.
  3. 3 Way Tag Match – Non-Title:  ACH (who had the AAW Championship with him) & Willie Mack (who didn’t have the House of Hardcore Twitch TV Title with him) defeated Crash Tag Team Champions Bandito & Flamita and Rey Horus & Xtreme Tiger when Willie pinned Bandito.  Tiger ran to the back holding his arm earlier in the match.
  4. 4 Way Match – Mecha Wolf Mr. 450 won over Arkangel Divino, Daga and the debuting Jimmy Jacobs when 450 pinned Daga with the assist from Rebelión Amarilla stablemate Lacey Laney. (Jorge reported this a great match)
  5. 3 Way Match – Rebelión Amarilla’s Garza Jr. & Rebelión Amarilla Bestia 666 vs. Penta Zero M (so, as you can see, more of a handicap match) ended with Penta being pinned after a low blow/foul from Garza Jr. and Bestia assisting with the pin.  They continued to beat down Penta after the match and took his mask.  Daga ran out for the save but was stopped by guards.  Challenges were thrown down potentially setting up Daga & Penta vs. Garza & Bestia in an apuestas match (Mask/Hair vs. Hairs) for the Crash Anniversary show later this year.
  6. LA PARK defeated Rey Fenix by submission after a wild match that accidentally saw an audience member get knocked out too.  After the match PARK told Fenix to respectfully tell his brother Penta that he wants him MASK vs. MASK!  THAT would be a HUGE match anywhere.

It was also announced that the May 19th show would be a tribute to Hector Garza who passed away 5 years ago and that Caristico and Ricky Banderas (El Mesias/Mil Muertes) would be on the card.

Thanks to Jorge for the live coverage.  This coming Friday, Jorge will be live in the building for AAA’s big TV taping in Tijuana and Eric Mutter will have live running commentary here on the site as the event will be streaming live on Twitch for free.