The good news about lucha libre these days; there’s so much stuff to watch! The bad news about lucha libre these days; all the stuff to watch generally happens at the same time! Case in point today, September 21st. Not only are AAA and CMLL doing shows tonight, being streamed on Twitch and Marca Clara respectively, but The Crash is getting in on the action too. The Tijuana based promotion FINALLY started streaming shows live on their Facebook page recently and they too are having a show tonight. So much lucha to watch and not enough time to watch it all! There is enough time to preview it all however and, now that I’m all rested up, I decided to tackle this Crash card, which I must warn you looks really, REALLY good, especially in the middle portion. So let’s waste no more time; I have groceries to buy!



Starboy, Viento, Zarco vs. Animal, Demencia, Silver Star


What to Expect: This is what I get for not keeping a close eye on The Crash; unless the Starboy here is the same one who is Star Jr.’s father (and I’m guessing he’s not) I have no freakin clue who these guys are! And that may not be a bad thing sports fans. If there’s one thing The Crash does well, much like AAA, it’s that they find exciting young guys for these openers and just lets them cut loose. I anticipate that these six will do the same and this should wind up being one of the most exciting matches on the show.


Winners: It’s never too early for it to be Canadian Dollar time! Heads Team Star Boy, Moose Team Silver Star…and its heads. Team Star Boy takes the opener.


Kody Lane, Tessa Blanchard, Torito Negro vs. B-Boy, Lil Cholo, Miranda Alize


What to Expect: To think; we were one Ricky Reyes/Cortez Castro appearance from this match being a full blown Crew reunion and an all out party. I would’ve marked out for that. At least I can sleep better at night knowing that both Cisco and Bael found a way to come back to life and are now moving on with their careers. Maybe Michael from The Good Place resurrected them?


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In any event, I’m torn on this one. On the one hand, I’m not familiar with Texas import Kody Lang, former Mae Young Classic competitor Miranda Alize or Torito Negro. On the other hand I really enjoy both Bael and Mr. Cisco and Tessa Blanchard is arguably one of the best wrestlers in the world right now. Yes I’m that impressed with her! And while I’ve never seen him work, I’m well aware that Torito Negro is both a family member and trainee of super luchador Flamita, which leads me to believe he’s at least 50% as crazy and awesome as his cousin is. Thus I’m going to choose to be hopeful about this match and say it’ll be a lot of fun.


Winners: Unless they’re setting up Tessa vs. Miranda for the Crash Women’s title it feels like Team Tessa has to take this one. So I’ll go with that, with Tessa pinning Miranda to get the win.


Soberano Jr. vs. ACH


What to Expect: We have now reached the brief point in this Crash show where the card becomes TRANSCENDENT! Holy shit am I excited for this match. I would be anyway because Soberano is in it and he’s one of the best luchadores in the world, but the Crash really outdid themselves in finding him a fun performer to pit him against in ACH. This almost feels like it should’ve taken place at the Best of the Super Juniors this past spring; alas I think it might be better off in this setting where these two will do a ton more high flying than they would’ve in Japan. I think the next match has a little bit more going for it but this definitely has a shot to be the Match of the Evening (Crash edition) and perhaps a bit of a coming out party for Soberano for non CMLL fans. Don’t worry though; the full coming out party will occur when Soberano and Fenix finally throw down. Yes I will keep bringing it up until the match happens; I’ll even will it into existence if I have to!


Winner: Neither guy is obviously full time in The Crash, but Soberano looks to be the dude who will be around more so I’ll go with him to win, putting ACH away with a  Fire Driver.


Bandido, Flamita, Rey Horus vs. Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Templario


What to Expect: This match…you know what, just throw the Batman gif and a few other shocked reactions. I need a minute to compose myself!


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My Grodd, there should be a rule about booking matches this good. It looks so enticing that I cannot possibly see how it doesn’t wind up being the best match tonight, barring a catastrophic injury befalling one of the luchadores. LOOK AT THIS TALENT! The CMLL team is the weaker of the two and that’s entirely unfair because Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja and Templario are all great luchadores. The latter has been the most impressive guy on the CMLL undercard this whole year and Oro and Roja have transformed into outstanding performers who frankly haven’t gotten a lot of opportunities to showcase it this year after their big singles matches dried up. They’ll be ready to go and they will have a team like no other to go up against in Flamita, Horus and the blazing inferno known as Bandido. This will be fast paced, exciting, loaded with great moves and better dives; I frankly may have to take a moment out of watching AAA just to check this match out. It could be a Match of the Year candidate. That’s how excited I am for this one.


Winners: A very easy call. Flamita, Horus and number one star at the box office Bandido take this victory after fourteen minutes of nonstop excitement. I think I used the words excited, excitement or exciting at least five times in that paragraph. Or it at least felt like I did!


Carístico & Penta Zero M vs. Daga & Volador Jr.


What to Expect: Finding a Mew in Pokemon Red or Blue is rare; even rarer is Carístico, Pentagon, Daga and Volador participating in a match that’s a massive comedown from the one before. It’s all about this Carístico-Pentagon team. I get why they’re aligned; Carístico and Volador have been feuding for eons and Daga and Pentagon are now rivals after Daga went over to La Rebelion Amarilla on the last show (or is it just La Rebellion now that the actual La Rebellion is basically nonexistent). But man it’s weird to see Carístico and Pentagon teaming up after they’ve spent the last several months feuding in and out of CMLL, weird enough that it’s kind of thrown me off of this match going in. In the end I’m probably over thinking this whole thing and this match will turn out to be really good. At the least it’ll be something to see bald Volador for the first time. That’s right; this will be the first time we’re all seeing Volador since he got his head shaved last week on CMLL and it’s happening not in Arena Mexico but a Crash show. If that’s not peak CMLL, nothing is.


Winners: The weird teams have made this too close to call sports fans, which means the Canadian Dollar is working overtime! Heads Caristigon (get it?!), Moose Voladaga…hold on bad flip…and it’s MOOSE! MOOSE! MOOSE! MOOSE! Settle down Cult. Voladaga wins.


Gilbert El Boricua vs. Mecha Wolf 450


What to Expect: I can see this, a match between the former El Mesias and the former Mr. 450, going many directions. It definitely could be good; everything I’ve ever seen from 450 has been really good and last Wednesday’s Lucha Underground once again proved how splendid a worker The Artist Also Known as Mil Muertes can be. On the other hand it could wind up being another situation where Gilbert wrestles this match on autopilot and I’m having to assure people after the match that yes, the dude has still got it, all while nursing the same headache I get whenever this situation pops up! Like seriously people; just watch Lucha Underground, it’s all the proof you need to know Mil is still Mil!


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So what will it be? I honestly have no friggin clue. I’d like to believe this will be Mil Muertes level Gilbert we’re getting, but I thought that’s what we were getting for his CMLL debut and instead he was just kind of there until LA Park pulled some effort out of him in the home stretch. Can 450 do that here? Can Gil (can I call him Gil?) will himself into his first great non LU performance in awhile? Like The X-Files I want to believe; I’m just not sure that 450, as good as he is, has the LA Park gene of making things better by sheer force of will. I guess we’ll find out though. This will either be a very good match or a very so-so match. I see no in between.


Winner: I like 450 here, mostly because he’s full time and because there’s definitely something in the works with the new La Rebellion now that Daga has joined. He defeats Gil, probably with some help from Daga and maybe a few other friends.


And scene. That’s the last preview sports fans. We’ll have coverage of this Crash show later tonight but it won’t be from me as I will be reviewing AAA’s show live. If I’m somehow not drained by reviewing CMLL tomorrow and can find a video, perhaps I will watch The Crash in full and review it then. Either way you’ll have something here Crash related. TILL NEXT TIME!


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