Terrible is heading back to Japan! The CMLL star and current Mexican National Heavyweight Champion will be returning to New Japan Pro-Wrestling ten days from now on November 16th to take part in the 2019 World Tag League. Terrible will team with Los Ingobernables de Japon member Shingo Takagi to form the most interesting team in the field this side of Colt Cabana and Toru Yano.


This will be Terrible’s second tour of New Japan this year following FantasticaMania back in January, his second stint in the World Tag League (he previously took part in the 2010 edition, then called the G1 Tag League, with current AAA star Texano Jr.) and his third tour overall if you count the summer long tour in 2013 where he was a brief member of the Bullet Club. Though it’s unlikely Terrible will make the finals with Takagi, let alone win them, the pairing looks to represent one of the better teams in a tournament generally known for its lackadaisical approach and does provide Terrible with the chance to team with a world class talent in Takagi. Perhaps the most interesting aspect is that Los Ingobernables de Japon still considers Terrible a member of the group following what seemed to be the end of Los Ingobernables following the departures of Rush and Bestia del Ring from CMLL at the end of September. Perhaps this means the group remains alive in CMLL with Terrible as the lone member.


The New Japan World Tag League will start on November 16th and run till December 8th; most, if not all, of the shows will be available on the New Japan World streaming service.

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