With all the hoopla around Lucha Underground, CMLL, AAA and The Crash, it’s easy to forget about the International Wrestling Revolution Group, better known as IWRG). Since 1996 IWRG has been Mexico’s third or fourth biggest promotion (depending on where one ranked Promo Azteca or The Crash at certain times), the tiny little engine that could out of Naucalpan that generally hosts a bunch of exciting young luchadors and older legends with a lot left in the tank. Occasionally they’ve also housed Electroshock, Danny Casas and Máscara Año 2000 Jr., but hey, we all make mistakes. The point is that IWRG is a promotion worth keeping an eye on, especially tonight when IWRG holds their annual Sunday show from Arena Naucalpan. I’m not as familiar with the whole card as I’d like to be in order to preview the full show (there’s some Ninja Turtles, Trauma I and Trauma II, that damned Máscara Año 2000 Jr. and others all around the card) but I am very familiar with this main event, a match that would be big anywhere in Mexico. So even though I can’t give a huge preview for the whole show, I see no issue with doing an all out break down of said main event. So sit back sports fans, cause I’m about to get you hyped on IWRG’s next big match; Dr. Cerebro vs. Ricky Marvin, hair vs. hair!



What to Expect: Before we get into the match itself, let’s give some background on the luchadors for those not in the know. At 45 years old, Dr. Cerebro isn’t just an IWRG stalwart; he’s pretty much their Sting if you gave him face paint and that glorious surfer flat top. When IWRG opened their doors in 1996 Cerebro was there for their first show; he hasn’t left since, spending the bulk of his career with IWRG full time. That’s loyalty. Of course it helps that he’s an excellent overall worker and one of the most consistent performers IWRG has ever had, with classics against El Hijo del Santo, Los Traumas, the similarly named Cerebro Negro and Virus to his name (though the latter didn’t take place in IWRG). Certainly IWRG is crawling with super cool veteran luchadors and cult lucha heroes, but you’d be hard pressed to find many that are still as sharp as Cerebro.


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Dr. Cerebro


Thus it’s quite fitting that he’s now feuding with the ultimate unsung cult hero of lucha libre in Marvin. Ricky’s tale is well documented; he began as an exciting you undercard worker in CMLL before a lack of opportunities led him to Pro Wrestling NOAH, a fantastic decade long run in the Junior’s Division and the greatest two minute match in the history of wrestling that needs to be remade once KENTA frees himself from the clutches of Vince McMahon. Nothing lasts forever though and Marvin returned to Mexico to work with AAA, which led to him having a cup of coffee with Lucha Underground before weight issues, AAA being AAA, a lack of creative direction and did I mention AAA being AAA led to him bolting in 2017. Since then the old Ricky Marvin has returned, with several dazzling independent matches that includes an early 2018 Match of the Year contender with Keyra. Whether it was that match or another that caught the eye of IWRG, it’s led to Marvin making his first appearance for them since 2005 and immediately targeting Cerebro. The two have since faced off in three straight matches on three straight IWRG shows; Marvin has won two (including a Super Libre match) while Cerebro emerged victorious last week in a match for his IWRG Intercontinental Middleweight Title.


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Ricky Marvin


And that children is how we got to this hair vs. hair match, Cerebro’s first since last year and Marvin’s first since 2005! Normally there’d be a lot of guess work involved with how the match quality would turn out but luckily for us, IWRG has already given us a trilogy of matches between these two as a preview for this. What we’ve learned is this; barring some unforeseen occurrence, this match is going to be DOPE AS HELL! I personally checked out all three matches today and I was enamored with all of them. All three matches were different from each other, all held my interest for the amount of time they were given, the pace they cut was great each time and there appears to be no style neither guy can’t pull off. When they needed to brawl, they had awesome brawls. When they needed to fly, they flew. And to the shock of no one, the technical work from both guys was impeccable. When it comes to a heated Apuesta match, you generally need all three of those aspects to work and Marvin and Cerebro have it all down. They also have Arena Naucalpan to serve as their backdrop, an all time great lucha libre arena that played a big role in making Trauma I vs. Canis Lupus the best Apuesta match I’ve seen in the last five years (sorry Sombra-Atlantis, UG-Atlantis and Psycho Clown-Wagner!). I don’t know if this match will be on that level, but we’re talking about an outstanding luchador in Cerebro going up against a dude with something to prove in Marvin. Someone would have to get injured early in the match for this to combust. As long as that doesn’t happen, this should wind up being one of the most underrated matches of 2018 and if CMLL had the balls, the match that got Ricky Marvin rehired.


Winner: This is a tough one and depends largely on how long Ricky Marvin is going to stick around with IWRG. If he’s going to be a fixture for the rest of the year then there’s no doubt in my mind he should win; IWRG could get quite a bit out of a rudo Marvin run, not to mention an even bigger Apuesta match down the road where Marvin finally gets the haircut. I get the feeling however that Ricky is going to continue to freelance, and he doesn’t really need his hair to do that. So I’ll go with Cerebro to win this match in a long, glorious three fall match with his trademark La Cerebrina. Don’t be shocked however if the result goes the other way or if this match ends via nefarious means; the first match these two had ended with the referee missing Cerebro grabbing the ropes while being pinned and the third match saw Cerebro use the ropes behind the referees back to get the win. That could factor in here.


And scene! I’m off till tonight sports fans. Till then, Ricky Marvin doing cool shit.


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