It was actually a rough start for Soberano Jr. and Volador Jr. in the Super Junior Tag League, with Soberano slipping on the ropes as he made his entrance! Luckily it was all uphill from there, as the CMLL duo started off their New Japan tour with a victory over ACH and Ryusuke Taguchi in what some may consider an upset. Volador and ACH got things off to a fast start with some nice back and forth action before ACH and Taguchi grounded to the pace to a halt and worked Volador ever. The pace picked up again after Soberano got a blind tag and was pretty much nonstop action from there until Volador put ACH away with a Super Hurricanrana off the top. Even then it wasn’t all flowers and roses; poor Volador ripped his earring off during the move and could be seen sporting a gnarly (is that what the kids say these days?) wound on his ear afterwards. It’s never easy when you’re a luchador.


The victory ties Soberano and Volador with BUSHI and Shingo Takagi, Robbie Eagles and Taiji Ishimori and the current IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Champions El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru for first in the Tag League. They will return to action tomorrow to take on the legendary Jushin Thunder Liger and Tiger Mask. Lucha Central will continue to keep you updated as Soberano and Volador continue on through this tournament.