Terrific news sports fans; Ciber the Main Man vs. Ultimo Guerrero will not be headlining the 86th CMLL Aniversario after all. At an entertaining press conference earlier this afternoon, CMLL revealed the main event will in fact be a seven way cage match match featuring Ciber, Guerrero, Gilbert El Boricua (or as we call him in these parts, Gil Muertes), Volador Jr., Barbaro Cavernario, Negro Casas and Big Daddy Yum Yum. The match will combine the hardest pushed program in CMLL right now in the Ciber-UG feud (which brought aboard Gil Muertes just last Friday) and build off the conclusion of last week’s CMLL International Grand Prix, which saw Volador, Big Daddy, Cavernario and Casas feud in the post match.


This now makes it the second straight year that CMLL has had one feud seemingly in mind to headline their biggest show of the year, only to then change it towards the very end, following CMLL dropping LA Park vs. Rush for a Cavernario/Rush vs. Volador/Matt Taven tag match last year. There will likely be little protest this time around as the UG-Ciber feud, despite featuring two well known lucha libre stars, failed to catch on with the Arena Mexico crowd and has seen diminishing returns for months now. It’s likely this match still won’t be the best given the middling nature of CMLL cage matches, but the inclusion of Cavernario, Casas and Volador, three of CMLL’s best workers right now, should help improve the quality and provide the match with heat, something Ciber vs. UG would’ve greatly lacked.


While the rest of the Aniversario card will be revealed later tonight, CMLL did promote two other matches for the show. Dalys, off her victory in the CMLL Universo Femenil victory a few weeks ago, will get a CMLL World Women’s Championship match against whoever the champion is (the current champion, Marcela, will be defending the title in the next few weeks over in Japan). More exciting is the official announcement of a mask vs. mask match between Microstars Microman and Chamuel. The two rivals have been feuding since the middle of August and it was only a question of whether CMLL would do the match at the Aniversario or hold off till later. Those disappointed by the cage match main event will likely be very excited by this match, which has a shot at being one of CMLL’s best matches of the year.


CMLL’s 86th Aniversario will take place on Friday September 27th from Arena Mexico at 9:30 p.m. EST; it’s expected the show will stream but that hasn’t been confirmed at this time. Lucha Central will provide full coverage of the event.

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