The Ring of Honor World Champion is ready to begins a new stage in his career

Pep Carrera & Mónica “Centellita” Ochoa – Correspondents in Mexico City

Through a press conference in Mexico City Rush clarified the reasons for his departure from the CMLL and his next objectives as a free agent in the Mexican circuit.

Rush‘s main objective is to realize the Mask Vs. Hair match against L.A. Park, so El Toro Blanco responded to the questioning of our correspondent Monica “Centellita” Ochoa.

Rush is willing to work with any company and promotion in Mexico, including not ruling out working with Lucha Libre AAA because he had some talks with Konnan.

One of the important issues that Rush highlighted is that he is under an exclusive contract with Ring of Honor in the United States.

In addition, Dragon Lee said he still does not know the reasons for his departure from the CMLL, but job offers in Mexico and abroad have not been long in coming. He also stressed that the name of Dragon Lee belongs to him and not to the CMLL.

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