Sports fans, it’s come to the point now that I wake up every morning and go “surely today is the day there isn’t any more crazy shit going on with lucha libre.” I’ve been wrong every time and today is no different. Sources are telling Lucha Central that yet another big name in lucha libre is set to make an appearance in CMLL, as late as next week’s Friday show and possibly as soon as tonight’s loaded Super Viernes card. You know; the same one already featuring the in ring debut of Rey Fenix, the continuation of the red hot LA Park/Rush rivalry and a truckload of on paper Match of the Year contenders.


While Lucha Central has not been told who the surprise will be, the smart money will be on Lucha Underground Champion, former Impact Champion, current MLW Tag Champion and brother of Fenix, Pentagon Jr. The ace of LU has been teasing coming to Arena Mexico ever since his match with Caristico in The Crash and speculation ramped up this past week when Konnan, at AAA’s Triplemania press conference, all but indicated Penta would be showing up sooner than later. Lucha Central can also confirm Penta isn’t booked elsewhere tonight, another sign it could be him. Another possibility is former AAA star El Mesias, also known as Ricky Banderas and Lucha Underground’s Mil Muertes. The Puerto Rican has mentioned the possibility of working CMLL since leaving AAA and has his own history with Fenix dating back to LU. There is no word on whether Mesias is booked anywhere in Mexico tonight that would prevent an appearance.


Lucha Central will be reaching out to them and if we get any additional information we’ll update the article. Regardless of whether they appear tonight, next week or never, tonight’s CMLL show is a must watch starting at 9:30 p.m. EST on Marca Claro’s Facebook page and on Claro Sports (though the feed may potentially be geoblocked). Lucha Central will be providing full coverage with a special Running Diary of the event.


Update: If there will be someone debuting in CMLL tonight it will likely not be Pentagon Jr. The luchadore is in fact booked after all tonight in California, where he’ll take on Sami Callihan in a Steel Cage match for PCW Ultra.