Earlier today on both the Wrestling Observer Forum and the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that an unnamed promotion, that wasn’t WWE, was scheduled to run a show in Madison Square Garden before the end of the year. What does this have to do with lucha libre? As it turns out, potentially everything! Multiple sources have told Lucha Central that the mystery promotion running out of MSG is in fact AAA. The Lanza TV podcast on the Voices of Wrestling Patreon is also reporting the AAA/MSG agreement.


While this seems completely out of left field for the lucha libre promotion, it actually does make sense. AAA has spent years trying to break into the United States market (most notably broadcasting Triplemania XXIII over American PPV) and reportedly brought Konnan back into the fold because they believed he was best suited to help expand AAA’s international audience. AAA shows in the US aren’t anything new either. Though they haven’t run a show in the states since 2010, AAA was once a major presence in America. Some of the most notable AAA events in the US include the infamous Triplemania III-A held in Chicago, a 1994 show in New York and several sold shows in the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Coliseum, including the legendary When Worlds Collide PPV. The Coliseum shows were so successful that, at least until All In in September, AAA is officially recognized as the last non WWE/WCW promotion to sell out a 10K seat Arena in the United States.


Lucha Central has reached out to AAA and has yet to receive any comment; in the event AAA decides to comment we will include it in the story. If this is true however, it would be one of the biggest stories of the year, the biggest AAA event of the year aside from Triplemania and potentially the biggest AAA story of the year, a crazy feat considering the week AAA just had.