As you may or may not have heard, there’s been some controversy over the ratings that have been reported for AAA and CMLL over the past few months. As reported by us here at Lucha Central, it was initially believed both were drawing in the millions (and in AAA’s case the high millions), until a report by SuperLuchas two weeks ago indicated the numbers were in fact much lower. Lucha Central has and is continuing to investigate the issue since then, including contacting Nielsen for their information. As of now, what we can best determine is that the numbers that have been given publicly for AAA viewership (and to us here at Lucha Central) is based on a measurement of how many people view even 1 minute of a program versus the actual rating which is calculated differently. Never the less, until we can confirm how the numbers we officially received are being measured, we will be reporting on the Nielsen ratings going forward and believe them to be accurate.


In the meantime, here are the ratings from last weekend’s shows. According to Nielsen, AAA on Azteca 7 did a 0.89 rating with 504.03 thousand viewers. Both numbers are down from last week’s 1.30 rating and 734.92 thousand viewers and Good Friday’s 1.37 rating and 772.14K viewers. CMLL meanwhile drew a 0.33 rating and 184.67K viewers on Televisa’s Gala TV (listed as Nueve on Nielsen’s chart). This is slightly down from last week’s 0.37 rating and 209.74K viewers, but is up from Good Friday’s 0.29 rating and 161.02K viewers. All told, despite the difference from the original numbers, AAA remains the most watched wrestling promotion in Mexico ahead of CMLL and both WWE RAW and Smackdown, which drew a 0.33 rating 186.72K viewers (RAW) and a 0.36 rating and 204.16K viewers (Smackdown) respectively.