Originally teased last summer at San Diego Comic Con, Masked Republic’s Legends of Lucha Libre™ brand’s collaboration with toy maker Super7 to add six legendary luchadores to the iconic M.U.S.C.L.E. toy line will finally be in stores and online starting on Wednesday, April 18th.

MUSCLE, the American version of Japan’s Kinnikuman series and toys, became very popular in the U.S. in the 1980s.  The brand had laid dormant for years until Super7, the toy and collectibles manufacturer out of San Francisco, made a deal with Mattel to relaunch the line starting with Masters of the Universe (He-Man) figures.  The line then expanded to include properties such as Street Fighter, Mega Man and Aliens.

In July of 2016, Masked Republic and Super7 struck a deal to create officially licensed lucha libre MUSCLE figures along with ReAction figures (another brand Super7 had relaunched for the modern era).

The first releases consist of two packs each with three luchadores.
Pack A contains Blue Demon Jr., Tinieblas Jr. and Juventud Guerrera
Pack B contains Konnan, Solar and Super Astro

Each pack will retail for $6.  Seriously…only $6!  This may end up being the best bargain in pro wrestling related toys.

And, as these are officially licensed products, unlike a lot of lucha libre merchandise you may see, the luchadores receive a royalty for every MUSCLE sold.

The initial roll out will find the Legends of Lucha Libre MUSCLE figures in Super7’s stores in San Francisco and San Diego and available online through Super7 or at Masked Republic’s LuchaShop.com.  LuchaShop will actually begin taking pre-orders on Thursday, April 12th.  We’d suggest going the pre-order route as the first run of the figures is said to be limited.

Also, earlier today, Masked Republic mentioned that in a rare spoiler for Lucha Loot, April crate subscribers who get the Deluxe Booty Chest will find either Pack A or Pack B inside their Loot this month.  The cut-off to order the April crate is April 23.  You can subscribe to Lucha Loot at LuchaLoot.com.  For more about Lucha Loot check out this Lucha Central article.