Press release provided by Uware Brands and Masked Republic

Uware Brands Launches Legends of Lucha Libre™ Apparel Line.

SALISBURY, NORTH CAROLINA (February 8, 2018) – Uware Brands has entered into a licensing agreement with the Masked Republic for an apparel line featuring the Legends of Lucha Libre™.

“We’re excited about the addition of Legends of Lucha Libre to our portfolio of licensed brands,” said David Harkins, VP, Marketing for Uware Brands. “We see a tremendous opportunity to help promote lucha libre and engage the fans of the sport’s icons and legends.”

“Uware Brands has a history of success with entertainment and lifestyle brands,” said Ruben Zamora, Founder and CEO of Masked Republic. “We’re looking forward to working with them to build the Legends of Lucha Libre™ brand with their unique design approach to licensed apparel.”

Uware Brands’ first Legends of Lucha Libre™ licensed products include graphic tees with unisex designs for adults featuring Rey Mysterio®, Blue Demon Jr.®, the Lucha Brothers™, and Juventud Guerrera™, among others. The Legends of Lucha Libre brand t-shirts are now available online at Uware Brand’s consumer store and will soon be available in select retail stores.

Uware Brands is a leading provider of licensed and private label apparel. The company has a long history of developing and marketing successful printed apparel merchandising programs for the wholesale and retail markets. Uware Brands works with many of America’s leading brands, offering innovative designs in partnership with iconic brands such as NATIONAL WILDLIFE FEDERATION, CHRIS KYLE FROG FOUNDATION, GUMMIBAR, SOUTHERN LIVING, SOUTHERN BY NATURE and others. The company’s licensed and private label products can be found online, in major sporting goods retailers, department stores, in local retail stores and online at For more information about Uware Brands and its products, please visit

Legends of Lucha Libre™ is the official licensing association and agency of the icons, legends and superstars of the lucha libre world. From former WWE World Champion & global Mexican icon Rey Mysterio to the legendary 2nd generation luchador Blue Demon Jr., Legends of Lucha Libre brings them, and dozens more, out of the ring and into the world of licensing. For many, this is the first time their likeness and IP has been made available outside of Mexico. While luchadores may be Mexican wrestlers, their fan bases expand well beyond any country or industry. These icons have become integrated into “pop culture” with many more recognizable around the globe than “traditional” sports stars and those of film and TV. Legends of Lucha Libre is developing licensing and merchandising programs for these stars across all categories.

Masked Republic, a privately held company, the first integrated live event, merchandising and media organization uniquely centered in the emerging growth market of lucha libre (Mexican wrestling) beyond the borders of Mexico. The company’s core businesses include representation of dozens of the biggest stars in the industry for wrestling and non-wrestling related appearances, worldwide merchandising, live event production management, production and distribution of content across multiple platforms including television, home entertainment, pay-per-view, digital media, and film. Masked Republic is headquartered in San Diego, CA, with offices in San Francisco, Mexico City and London.