The fourth chapter in Masked Republic’s epic new story world, The Luchaverse, is available now at and in select comic book shops from Chido Comics.
While the beginning of a great intergalactic adventure series in and of itself, Luchaverse: Solar & Super Astro – Los Cadetes del Espacio starts to reveal both what has lead up to and the consequences of what readers have witnessed in Luchaverse: Rey Mysterio, Luchaverse: Lucha Brothers and Luchaverse: Tinieblas Jr. 
“At the triumph of a centuries old galactic war, all that was left of the warriors were Solar and Super Astro. They headed off into space never to be heard from again…or so they thought. After a millennia of intergalactic travels, their ship crashed on Earth. Their powers had vanished and they settled into their new mortal lives. Now, years later, a message from the deepest corner of the universe has interrupted their ordinary lives. A recent accident has released an immense destructive power back into the world, a power that they thought was lost forever. What epic adventure awaits them? Who’s attempting to contact them and how can they save not just our planet, but the universe itself?”
The book is written by Marco Lopez and Ivan Plaza with art by Alessandro Micelli and colors by Bryan Miagnes. Cover by Micelli and Leo Colapietro.  Lettering by Micah Myers.  Two variant covers were created, one by drawn by René Cordova with colors by Dan Olivera and the other the first comic book work ever by famed Mexican muralist Miguel Valverde Castillo.
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