San Diego, CA and Shreveport, LA

April 13, 2018

Masked Republic™, the only company in the world “Dedicated to Expanding Lucha Libre Beyond The Borders of Mexico”SM  and Asteri Networks, a research-based game and entertainment development company have launched Lucha Central™(, the first website dedicated to both curated and original lucha libre news and content including video, audio and photo works from many of the industry’s most prolific promotions and creators.  Additionally, the site features a robust event calendar, helping fans find lucha libre events near them across the globe, luchador profiles, allowing fans to find their favorite stars’ upcoming events, social media and merchandise links all in one place.

“Asteri is focused on building games and linear content using audience driven research.  Brands with large audiences are perfect for our analytical approach to creating entertainment that fans want.  High quality and high traffic websites are key to how we work with brands to implement our process,” game industry luminary, and Asteri CEO, Steve Gray, said, “With all the great content being created by Masked Republic and their team, a partnership with Ruben and Kevin that focused on the website seemed like a logical first step.”

“One of the aspects of Masked Republic that has really allowed us to find success in the industry is that while we have been on the inside for more than 20 years now, we remain true fans of lucha libre,” Masked Republic President & COO Kevin Kleinrock responded.  “When Steve and his team asked me what the ultimate site for fans would look like, I was excited to talk it over with other long time and more casual fans alike and then work with Asteri to bring those ideas to life.  The result is even better than I imagined!” is a must-visit daily destination for lucha libre fans. With both English and Spanish content, as well as site-integrated language translation for news stories into over 50 more languages, a team of top industry writers and content producers keep users informed and entertained.  “Part of our strategy here has been to curate content from leaders in the lucha libre space,” Masked Republic founder and CEO Ruben Zamora pointed out.  “From Mexico’s Mas Lucha, R de Rudo and Heroes de la Lucha Libre video content producers to some of the best lucha photographers from around the globe including the United States’ Rudos Photography & El Pollo Lucha Libre to Mexico’s JVDA Photography, Black Terry Jr. and Arena Mexico photographer Zao, Lucha Central brings fans one easy site to find the best of the best in lucha libre content and coverage.”

“One of the biggest frustrations we have heard from fans over the years is that often times they only find out about a big name luchador or an entire lucha event coming to their town only after the event has taken place.  In an effort to enable fans to always be informed, our robust Event Central section not only catalogs upcoming lucha libre events throughout the planet, but enables site visitors to search for events by city, state or even by their favorite luchador.  Orlando, Florida may not seem like a lucha libre hotbed to you, but a fan of the Lucha Underground TV series living there would probably love to know that stars Pentagon and Fenix appear there regularly for Major League Wrestling.  And, fans in the Las Vegas area are going to want to know that this summer Expo Lucha is bringing over 100 luchadores and 4 live events to their town over Labor Day weekend.”

All site features are free for users including a daily “Match of the Day” video curated from lucha libre matches, events and archives worldwide and access to the photo galleries.  Free registration will give members access to join in the conversation and interact with other lucha libre fans, automatic entry into a weekly raffle for free lucha merchandise from, and more.

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