Ladies and gentlemen, tonight was the best episode Lucha Underground has produced in season four. WHAT A SHOW! I have enjoyed this season overall but it’s definitely been a season where LU has either had a show that featured good storytelling but weaker matches, or good matches but weaker storytelling. Tonight they were strong on both ends; it began with a chilling message from Aerostar about the future, had some cool setups for Ultima Lucha IV (as well as a reveal of the card in progress), a great undercard match and from out of nowhere the best match LU has produced in season four. All because of a weird brother and sister relationship between Marty “The Moth” Martinez and Mariposa. More on that in a few paragraphs. But first we must begin…and we begin at the end if you believe our favorite intergalactic maniac.



Everything is Dead


Now I know why Aerostar has been posting cryptic messages on Twitter. He’s seen things sports fans; bad things. Melissa Santos learned this after finding Aerostar looking out into the Los Angeles sunset. She began the conversation asking what happened with Fenix and it just spiraled from there; she (and we) learned that Fenix’ life force was corrupted when Catrina absorbed it and that’s what has turned him into something evil. Aerostar even admitted that he shouldn’t have brought Fenix back…but Fenix was his friend so he did. Finally Melissa asked if Fenix could be saved, to which Aerostar surprised me by not only saying no, but doubling down on it. Why? Because apparently Aerostar, in his time travels, has seen the end of this story. Or perhaps even worse; the end of everything. HE HAS SEEN THINGS WE WOULDN’T BELIEVE! I’m not sold on us never seeing The Good Fenix again but I am totally sold on a disenchanted Aerostar losing hope because of a bleak future only he has seen. I hope we get to see it at some point too.


El Bunny, Paul London, The White Rabbit defeated Ivelisse, Joey Ryan, XO Lishus


First off, Paul London’s new face paint thing is rad as holy hell. More of this from now on! Second, put this on last week’s show and this would’ve been a standout match along with the Jake Strong-Aerostar/Drago numchuk match. Alas it drew the short straw and was instead the third best match on this loaded show. The universe truly is against the Rabbit Tribe, a terrible thing for the universe considering how terrifying the White Rabbit is. I mean just look at this picture if you still don’t believe me!


Image result for the white rabbit lucha underground

He’s happy and I’m still scared shitless!


Anyway, this was good! It was all about Paul London and El Bunny wearing down our heroes, Ivelisse, Ryan and XO Lishus valiantly fighting back and ultimately it all being for naught because the White Rabbit is an unstoppable locomotive. He barely featured in this match and that’s the point; all he needed to do was get in there, absorb some Joey Ryan kicks and then obliterate him with a Saito Suplex before sticking his latex glove clad hand down Ryan’s throat for the victory. And yes, there was blood on the glove when The Artist Also Known as Killer Kross pulled his hand out because of course there was. Creepy stuff and exactly the right way to use an imposing figure like the White Rabbit.  As stated it would’ve stood out more on a less loaded show but it was still pretty fun, especially when Ivelisse and London were working their magic. I wouldn’t mind seeing these two teams again and I wonder if we will; it’s not like The Rabbit Tribe or Team Ivelisse have that much going on outside of facing each other, and the Reptile Tribe does need challengers for their trios titles.


Ultima Lucha IV Stuff!


We finally got to learn a bunch of stuff about Ultima Lucha IV sports fans! First, it will be a two part event that begins four weeks from now, which works for me because a) it’s a shorter season and b) it gives LU a few more episodes now to set stuff up. Then there were the three announced matches at the time. As we found out last week Big Willie Mack will take on Mil Muertes in a Death Match (!!!), while Fenix will battle El Dragon Azteca Jr. in a two out of three falls match (!!!!!!) and, as we also found out last week, Pentagon will take on Marty “The Moth” Martinez for the Lucha Underground Championship. I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty damn great card there sports fans. And it only got better before the show was over!


Son of Havoc defeated Killshot


To think; THIS WAS THE SECOND BEST MATCH ON THIS SHOW! What a great world we live in where a match like this is the second best LU has to offer on a given episode. I really liked this match on first watch and loved it more the second time. It’s exactly what you’d expect from these two; great pace, tons of awesome moves, back and forth action throughout and tons of creativity, especially in the counters these two had. The storytelling was excellent as well, with LU following up on Havoc unmasking Killshot in their last encounter by having Killshot constantly go after Havoc’s mask throughout the match, with him finally getting it off in a post match attack. This was great any way you slice it, and that’s despite the fact that these two were clearly saving some tricks for their next encounter. And there will be one, as Papa El Jefe made a quick appearance to declare Killshot vs. Son of Havoc will take place at Ultima Lucha IV in a mask vs. mask match. HOT DAMN! The card was already loaded with the Death Match, Azteca-Fenix and Pentagon-Marty and this just makes it more enticing. I’d be a little bit worried if I was Killshot though; not only has he been on a bit of a skid but Matt Striker and Vampiro were bringing up Dante Fox a whole lot, a sure fire sign that Fox may be returning soon. In the words of Sonic the Hedgehog, that’s no good for Killshot!


Fun Times in Moth Land


Actually this segment could have easily been called Story Time in Moth Land given that Marty did a whole lot of explaining. First he came out accompanied by Reklusa (aka Chelsea Green) and clad in a brand new cape, proving that it is in fact good to be the top dog in LU. Then he proceeded to reveal a few things; first Sexy Star is dead and Reklusa is the one who killed her, apparently beating her so bad that all that remained was Sexy’s mask (which Marty conveniently had been keeping in his tights. Or at least had tonight as that’s where Reklusa pulled them from). On the one hand this is evil; on the other hand no one has missed Sexy Star so I can’t say anyone was that sad. Second Marty called out Pentagon for humiliating him/breaking his arm and that what he did to Pentagon two weeks ago was payback. And finally, Marty decided that he wouldn’t wait till Ultima Lucha to defend his title; instead he would defend it tonight against Mariposa, a reward for her motivating him to get his act together. “It’ll be just like when we were kids!” is how Marty described what this match would be like. I fear for Marty’s parents if what they did tonight is what they did as kids. Or maybe I should be thankful considering…well you’ll see.


Lucha Underground Championship

Marty “The Moth” Martinez defeated Mariposa


Ladies and gentlemen I have seen the No Mas Match, I have watched Marty use everything from forks to scissors; I’ve even seen a grown man satisfy a camel. This match was something I’ve never seen before and something I could’ve never expected. Hell two minutes into this match I was certain it was going to turn into a prolonged, disturbing squash of Mariposa by her now more successful big brother. By the end of it it had transformed into the best match of the season. I LOVED THIS! It was brutal, it was violent and at times was equal parts uncomfortable and exhilarating. The match to compare it to would be that famous No Mas Match, only this time Mariposa was in the role of scrappy underdog. Boy did she nail it, withstanding a ferocious beating from Marty in the first half of the match (which included being swung into the announcer’s table, chair shots, being thrown face first into a chair edge, being powerbombed into the railings and then onto the floor) to deliver a righteous beating of her own in the second half. She even got her own “F YOU MARIPOSA!” style line!



And play they did with yet another moment that will go down in LU lore. It began with Mariposa flinging a chair into Marty’s face, sending him into the announcer’s table. And then she flung another chair into him. And another. And another. AND ANOTHER! This was basically the Pentagon-Vampiro chair spot from Ultima Lucha Uno on steroids; I’d say Marty was buried under at least eight chairs, with Mariposa then going full Aaron Judge on those bad boys as the Temple crowd and Vampiro lost their shit. It was one hell of a moment and, while the match was good before it and especially after it, it definitely solidified the match as an LU all timer and Mariposa’s finest hour. It also convinced others (and even me!) that she had a shot at winning, and there were two really great near falls after that spot where she almost pulled it out before Reklusa (who waited for the right time to get involved) intervened on Marty’s behalf and allowed the champ to retain via Package Piledriver. Yes, through all of this awesomeness, Marty still find time to play mind games with his Ultima Lucha opponent!


One of the many amazing moments from tonight’s battle


And we weren’t done sports fans! After his victory, Marty declared that he wanted his match with Pentagon to be a Cero Miedo match. You know; only the same match that launched Pentagon’s career and resurrected Vampiro’s legacy at Ultima Lucha Uno. Marty promised to humiliate Pentagon in his own match and then proceeded to send a message by breaking Mariposa’s arm. Rough night for Mariposa. Pentagon then arrived on the scene, chased Marty and Reklusa off and cut a great “IMMA END YOUR ASS!” promo that Pentagon always cuts, complete with threats of broken bones and the works. It was really well done and a perfect capper to that masterpiece that came before it. I cannot praise that Marty-Mariposa match enough sports fans. This was not only a great match, it was easily the best match of season four, one of the best LU matches ever and it came from out of nowhere! Huge credit to Mariposa for her performance and the same goes to Marty; I say it all the time but he’s become such a wonderful all around performer since joining LU and this is yet another performance (in a resume that features two of the greatest and most emotionally charged matches LU has ever had) that proves how great he is. I’m not sure they even need to do anything else to sell me on Pentagon-Marty; this match alone sold it as can’t miss.


There you have it sports fans. I’m off to revel in how great this episode was. I shall return tomorrow to preview the CMLL Grand Prix, which somehow should be on the level of this show and the main event we got tonight. TILL THEN!


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