I’m slowly starting to get what this season of Lucha Underground is all about. It may not have the great matches every episode that people became accustomed to over the first three seasons but holy shit does it have one unforgettable story/angle per episode. Tonight was perhaps the most shocking, and in some ways depressing, one of all, where the never ending saga of Fenix and Catrina took a turn towards the bleak. And that’s with Catrina being dead and quite possibly not even involved in this (and yet, doesn’t she have to be considering how she regained her life and how Fenix did last week?). In addition to that we also got three solid matches and an intriguing end of the show angle with a returning Marty “The Moth” so all in all I say good show. Let’s now go into even further detail about it!



Gift of the Gods Championship Match

El Dragon Azteca Jr. defeated Ivelisse


You know…I think this may have wound up being the best match on the show! And all because LU saved all the major story stuff till after it was over. This was a classic slow build match, with Azteca and Ivelisse starting off slow, gradually gaining steam and then completely winning people over once Azteca missed Ivelisse on a dive and flew right into a railing. The match was good before that but you could feel things pick up after that and LU actually got me to believe Ivelisse (who I didn’t expect to win going in) could pull this out. But then again that’s the beauty of Ivelisse as a worker; she’s always able to make you believe even in the most unexpected of situations. More so then the Joey Ryan match this match served as a reminder at just how great Ivelisse can be and how easy she is to get behind. Poor Azteca learned that the hard way; the dude has been doing great all season and just like that found himself getting booed just because he was in there with Ivelisse! He still acquitted himself well despite the boos and continued what has been the best season of his LU career. A really strong match (though I did think the ending was a tad anti-climactic) and the post match was did what it needed to do in finally putting Ivelisse with XO Lishus and Joey Ryan as a trios team. Is it weird I still can’t believe Joey Ryan has turned over a new leaf? I’m really looking forward to that scene which explains all of it.


#1 Contenders Match for the Lucha Underground Championship

King Cuerno and Mil Muertes wrestled to a draw


In what is becoming a recurring theme in this season, Antonio Cueto declared that King Cuerno would have to go through Mil Muertes before he could get a shot at Pentagon Dark. The good news for Deer Antlers is unlike Cage, he didn’t lose! The bad news is he also didn’t win, as he and Mil proceeded to pummel each other (and referee Marty Elias) until they were both DQ’d. That’s right; we got a double DQ finish in Lucha Underground. Those things are rarer then a Mew in Pokemon Red or Blue.


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Many have dreamed of seeing this screen. Only a few have actually seen it. Like me!


Of course the fact that nobody lost meant that both Cuerno and Mil came out worthy of a title shot, which is precisely why Papa El Jefe declared Pentagon would defend the title against both guys next week in a match that should absolutely tear the house down. I’m not sure that decision would normally fly, but it should slide just fine here considering Cuerno and Mil were beating the tar out of each other as always. They’ve had more violent matches together and yet this did feel as out of control as I’ve seen the two; it was just more about them decking each other with fists then it was with chairs. Mil in particular seemed unhinged and free, not to mention playing more to the crowd then he ever has before. I guess this is what happens when Catrina is now too dead to reel him in; if she had been here I imagine Mil Mil likely would’ve gone for the win. Instead he smelled blood the whole way though, not unlike his battles with Matanza, and Cuerno was more than happy to engage him considering Muertes nearly killed him and all. They’ve had better matches together, but I still found the action to be good and as an appetizer for next week you can’t do much better. Well you can; see the main event for more details.


Lucha Underground Trios Championship Match

Daga, Jeremiah Snake, Kobra Moon defeated Aerostar, Drago, Fenix


Before we get into all this, I feel obligated to tell you that Jake Strong came out before this match and cut a pretty decent promo on Aerostar and Drago about how real wrestlers always beat luchadores. We will all totally remember that moment when discussing this episode years from now and not treat it like that one scene from Spaceballs.


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But yeah, all that shit takes a backseat to everything that happened after. I’ve spent about an hour trying to come up with the right word for what happened in this match and the best I can do is say is that it was downright devastating, with a side order of frightening. Strictly judging this as a match I would say it was good. Obviously it was never going to be what it could’ve been if they played it straight, but it was still enjoyable until the rug was pulled out from under everyone. Aerostar had some cool sequences as he’s wont to do. Drago looked great. Daga had his best performance in the Temple this year. Jeremiah Snake continues to be delightfully strange in his new role. And Fenix, before it all went wrong, once again looked like a superstar. Only Kobra Moon didn’t really do much and she really didn’t need to given how it all played out. This was a good match and it would’ve been better if it had gone the way most thought. But Fenix had to go and crush everyone’s dreams now didn’t he?


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It was apparent it wouldn’t from the start because Fenix, as last week pretty much made clear, came back wrong. He was clad in black (if not for the mask you would’ve thought he was the long forgotten Night Claw), his movements were downright bizarre; even after he did some of his old moves it was clear this was a different kind of Fenix. And then it was completely confirmed when he turned on Aerostar and then even Melissa Santos after the match, shoving her down and prompting El Dragon Azteca Jr. to ride in on the white horse to try and save the day. If only he had been there a minute earlier! I can’t say I was shocked, and yet I was completely shocked, mostly because I didn’t think Fenix would latch onto this new role as quickly as he did. It wasn’t the typical “look how many flips” Fenix performance but it was still an unbelievable work of art. I couldn’t even picture Fenix being slightly heelish before tonight; by the end of this match it was disturbing how well he was playing this new role. The only issue I could even slightly agree with his portrayal was that it overshadowed the match as a whole, which will be fine when (presumably) this all leads to the numerous great matches set up here between Fenix and Drago, Fenix and Aerostar, Fenix and Azteca; the list is endless. So I guess this match can be summed up like this; in terms of workrate it was good, albeit slightly disappointing. As a story beat used to set up a new character and new angles going forward…holy shit dude. All thanks to Fenix’ spellbinding work.


Moth Wants It All, Moth Wants It Now


Only in the LU can we have something like Fenix embracing the power of the dark side and it still not be the grand finale of an episode. That’s cause we needed to see Papa El Jefe open a beer with a hammer while Marty “The Moth” Martinez pounded on his door! Good stuff. Marty was allowed in and, much like his sister Mariposa, was able to bribe Antonio into giving him a Gift of the Gods Championship match with El Dragon Azteca Jr. next week. So to recap, we now have this match to look forward to, in addition to a Pentagon-Mil Muertes-King Cuerno triple threat and Azteca trying to get out of the friend zone with Melissa Santos while constantly looking over his shoulder for Sith Lord Fenix. Love it! But even then we weren’t done, as Marty pulled out even more cash and revealed he wanted something else. WHAT?! What the hell else could it be? It can’t be an LU title shot as Marty will get that from beating Azteca (which I would put decent money on right now). Is it Melissa? World domination? Control of Matanza? THE LOCATION OF DARIO CUETO’S GRAVE?! You never know with Marty. Luckily I think we’ll find out next week what it is, so for now we can put that on the backburner and just wonder what the hell is going to happen with Fenix. LU has got me with that angle sports fans. Wow.


And we’re out of here! I’ll return tomorrow to preview the 85th CMLL Aniversario, and perhaps do another Aniversario related column, though that may wait till Friday. TILL NEXT TIME!


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