It looks like this week’s Lucha Underground episode is going to be of the “less is more” variety. As of now only two matches are confirmed, backed up by a scene that looks to involve Marty “The Moth” and Mariposa, making their first appearances since Aztec Warfare IV. But while one of these matches may be hit and miss, the headliner, a six way match for the Gift of the Gods Title, looks to be a sure thing the likes of which haven’t been seen since the Rob Reiner teen classic, The Sure Thing. So what are we waiting for; there are lucha libre hybrids to preview.



Jake Strong vs. Sammy Guevara


What to Expect: This sports fans, is the story of vengeance, broken ankles and a possible amputation. Hard to believe all that is going on when these two have made only two combined LU appearances between them! The story is that Famous B, with Dr. Wagner Jr. and Texano taking care of business in Mexico, sought out new clients in the former of Big Bad Steve, Guevara and Strong. They lost their first match (a Trios Championship match against Killshot, Havoc and Big Willie) due to Famous’ shenanigans and Strong kind of snapped, obliterating Guevara and Steve before snapping Famous’ ankle. Now Famous is in danger of having his foot amputated, Strong has further wrecked Big Bad Steve and now Guevara is coming in to avenge Famous.


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So what will happen in this match? Considering there are only two matches listed as of now it looks like this will get plenty of time, which is never a bad thing when Sammy Guevara is involved. He’s immensely talented (as though who have seen him in PWG, Aro Lucha and so forth can attest) and wasn’t given the full opportunity to show off his high flying in his LU debut. That won’t be the case here and it’ll work to the benefit of Strong, who’s skill set should be shown off more going against the tiny guy as opposed to Big Bad Steve, where there was a notable styles clash. I don’t know where this will wind up but it has the opportunity to be very good. Granted it also has the opportunity to just be kind of okay so we’ll see!


Winner: It’s probably going to be Strong given how dominant he’s looked. Look for him to pull out the victory with an Ankle Lock, though Guevara will give a good showing. I wouldn’t be stunned if someone came out to prevent Strong from snapping Guevara’s leg like he did Famous to give Strong something new to do.


Six Way Match for the Gift of the Gods Championship

Dezmond X vs. El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Ivelisse vs. King Cuerno vs. Son of Havoc vs. The Mack


What to Expect:


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Here’s what we’re all coming to see sports fans. A six way match loaded of people who can fly high, beat the ever loving shit out of each other, take chokeslams through the bleachers and keep on coming; the list goes on and on. It’s a match we’re all looking forward to…except Big Willie Mack because is he undoubtedly getting screwed over by either Killshot or Mil Muertes before this is over. How amazing is it that Mack managed to tick off both Killshot (by pinning him and thus guaranteeing Havoc a spot in this match instead of him) and Mil (by choosing him to be eliminated from this match last week) going into this match?! He better have gotten Dante Fox back from military duty because having Havoc won’t be enough to fight off to fight off this…


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Or this.


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Beyond that this has all the makings of a high flying classic. Only Ivelisse and King Cuerno aren’t what you’d call high flyers and even they are capable of doing some cool shit in the air now and then. Plus you don’t need to be Aerostar when you’re the all around talent Ivelisse is or the methodical bad ass that Cuerno is (even if he did give up the Deer Antler for whatever reason). They’ll keep the match grounded while Havoc, Mack, Azteca and especially X (who should get an even bigger stage to show off his athleticism this week) try to make us believe that man, can in fact, fly. Well at least while Mack isn’t getting killed by his good friend and the Immortan he pissed off last week. The point is it sounds like a winning combination, with the only thing holding things up being time. It’s easy to forget but the last Gift of the Gods match suffered from being too short; it ended right as things were getting good (an argument can also be made that the previous Gift of the Gods match was too long, though true fans know the only black mark on that match was Sexy Star winning). As long as LU gives this time then we should be in for a match that should challenge Three Way to the Grave, Mil vs. Cage and Mundo vs. Vibora for best match of season four to this point. You’re damn right I’m putting Mundo vs. Vibora up there! I loved that match and you dinosaur haters can’t convince me otherwise.


Winner: Honestly it could be any of these six…alright except Big Willie. If it were me booking I would go with Ivelisse. It’s easy to forget this due to all the injuries she’s had but Ivelisse is easily one of the best performers in LU, she has a great underdog feel to her thanks to all her troubles and I’m willing to bet her vs. Pentagon would be along the same lines as Pentagon vs. The Black Lotus Triad. Remember how epic that was? It could be so again with Ivelisse as Doku, Hitokiri and Yueri all rolled into one. You know what; I’ve talked myself into it. Ivelisse is going to win this match, become the second female Gift of the Gods Champion (or first if we just want to wish Sexy Star never existed, which I’m cool with) and go on to face Pentagon as soon as he gets done with X-Division Champion Cage. That’s right; LU has possession of the X-Division belt now. If only Matanza had beaten Goto in San Francisco, then LU would be raking in all the belts from all over the place!


And scene. I’m out of here sports fans, but I shall return for the CMLL Tuesday review tonight after I take my mother out for her birthday. Happy birthday mom; I know it’s two days early but you wanted to go out tonight so you get the happy birthday two days early! And now I’m rambling. Till next time!


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