Last week the wrestling world got a little better when Lucha Underground returned for its fourth season. But even the most hardcore LU fan would admit that, while last week wasn’t bad (not even close actually), it was more than a little jarring thanks to some rust, weird booking decisions and a colder feel in both tone and setting. Will things get back to normal this week? We’ll see; as per usual with LU it’s tough to predict what will happen in regards to backstage scenes but there are three matches with just enough info that Lucha Central can bring you a preview of the show. Good stuff! So what are we waiting for? Let’s get cracking!




Match for an Ancient Aztec Medallion

El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Luchador Sorpresa

What to Expect: To think; we were one non LU picture reveal of Azteca away from this being Luchador Sorpresa vs. Luchador Sorpresa. I don’t know if we could’ve handled that. Fitting because I’m not sure if Azteca will be able to handle whoever it is he’s facing in this one. He’ll be fun to watch much like he was in Aztec Warfare IV and I’m pretty certain this will be a good match regardless of who he works. I just…I just don’t have a good feeling for the dude who’s career LU highlights are a Trios Titles reign with the departed Prince Puma and Rey Mysterio, numerous big match defeats and one hell of a ride through some bleachers. Yes I’m bringing up the bleachers again. I loved that moment and it will forever be brought up until LU closes its doors for good while myself and the MMM guys sob outside the Temple.


Winner: I mean didn’t I just make this obvious a minute ago while explaining Azteca’s history? When it comes to Azteca vs. the field, I’m taking the field. Whoever that Luchador Sorpresa is, he or she is winning with their finisher move and getting the first Aztec Medallion of the season. Who will it be? I’ll go with Ivelisse, for no other reason other than I miss her.


Lucha Underground Trios Championship Match

Killshot, Son of Havoc, The Mack vs. Jack Swagger, Sammy Guevara, Luchador Sorpresa


What to Expect: ANOTHER LUCHADORE SORPRESA! And more opportunities for people to now ask me “where’s Dante Fox?” “Do you think Dante Fox was let go?!” I’d be fine with it if everyone asking this question had watched the damn season four trailer where those two questions were answered.



See? There’s Dante Fox right there, clearly visible in military garb despite “THE GROUND BREAKING SERIES” text covering up his middle. He is still on the show; he’s just been deployed off somewhere. Probably to the dumbass Space Force knowing the idiocy of this country right now. The point is he will be back at some point, which means we only have to deal with the weird yet potentially fun Killshot/Havoc/Big Willie trio for the short term. That’s not a bad thing; Killshot is great, Havoc is great and Big Willie is really great. Put the right guys against them and they can create something. And good news; they’ll be in there with at least two good workers based on photographic evidence obtained by me taking screenshots of that season four trailer.



As you can see both photos show glimpses of indie wrestler Sammy Guevara while the second one clearly shows former WWE star Jack Swagger hitting a Vader Bomb. There doesn’t appear to be anything about a third guy but I honestly don’t need to see a third guy; Guevara is Jack Evans without the weed (a great thing because Jack is great) and when motivated Swagger, or whoever he’ll be called now, can be really good. I hope he’s motivated here because a match featuring guys like Havoc, Mack, Killshot and Guevara has all the makings of being must see. I think we’ll get that, with some sequences between Killshot and Guevara serving as the big highlights. And yes I’m basing that off that screenshot where both men seem to be floating far higher than what should be possible.


Winners: Normally this would be a “too soon to take the titles off” scenario…except Son of Havoc is a replacement for Dante Fox so all bets are off. I still say Killshot, Big Willie and Havoc retain though, with Havoc getting the pin after a Shooting Star Press to help push some trust between him and his new teammates.


Lucha Underground Championship Match

Pentagon Dark (c) vs. Matanza


What to Expect: Talk about a big match to serve as your first one on one main event for season four. Longtime LU fans will know there’s a lot behind this bad boy. The immediate ramifications are that Pentagon will try to follow up an all time dominant performance last week by defeating a monster that has never been beaten in a one on one fight. And that’s if there aren’t more surprises given how Antonio Cueto seems to want the belt off Pentagon yesterday. Long term this goes back to season two, where Matanza broke Pentagon’s back, forced him to undergo rehab via Vampiro’s House of Pain and then beat him (albeit with the help of Dario Cueto) to retain the Lucha Underground Championship at Ultima Lucha Dos. There’s no question Pentagon is now the ace of LU and he’s beaten everyone, from Mil Muertes to Prince Puma to Rey Mysterio. But he hasn’t beaten Matanza. He’s the MCU to Pentagon’s DCU. We now go a live to a look at DC fanboys everywhere.


Related image


So yeah; there’s a shit ton going on with this match, a big reason why LU’s best matches standout from the rest of the pack. Another reason is because the guys and gals are really, REALLY good, like Pentagon and Matanza are. It got lost in all the weirdness of last week’s episode but Pentagon wasn’t just booked really strong; he himself was exceptional in how he just tore through everyone, almost like being given the ball had kicked his ass into an even higher gear. And even though Matanza is hit or miss with some given the character’s dominance, he’s had many a killer performance in the LU over the past two seasons, including that Ultima Lucha Dos match with Pentagon. They’re different performers and characters since then in a positive way, which tells me this should be a really strong main event. The only concern; whether Antonio Cueto decides to get a little too involved. I’m okay with some involvement, but if he’s interfering in this match left and right then it could knock this one down a few pegs.


Winner: On the one hand, it feels a little weird that Matanza’s undefeated streak (if you don’t count getting pinned in Aztec Warfare III) early into season four. On the other hand there is no way, and I mean no way, Pentagon Dark is losing the Lucha Underground Championship two matches into his reign, especially not after that performance last week. Thus, in the words of Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, the streak is over! Pentagon conquers the one man he cannot beat by defeating Matanza with the Package Piledriver as Antonio breaks his cane against the ring apron in frustration. After that I wouldn’t be surprised by anything; Antonio could have Matanza killed on the spot, Matanza could kill him on the spot, Antonio could bring someone new out to attack Pentagon. It could go anywhere!


There you have it sports fans. I’ll see you tonight for a CMLL Tuesday review and you bet your ass I’ll be reviewing this show come tomorrow. Till then, THIS!


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