Last week I wasn’t able to get a Lucha Underground preview out because, as it turn out, LU was playing things very close to the chest and only announced more than one match a little bit before show time. Once again they kept things quiet for a bit, leading me to think I wouldn’t be able to get a preview in…until last night when they revealed a second match. So with two matches to preview (and a lot going on between) both, it gives me great pleasure to announce the LU preview is back for this week! It’s also a little late, but you still have (starts counting) about nine hours or so to soak this all in before the show so not too bad! Apparently there will also be a Rabbit Tribe thing tonight and, judging by Mala Suerte and Saltador having their pictures posted on LU’s social media, I don’t know if that’s a good thing. But we’ll focus on that in the review tonight; for now let’s break down the matches, including a main event that I’m beginning to believe may have a huge surprise.



Gift of the Gods Championship Match

El Dragon Azteca Jr. (c) vs. Mariposa


What to Expect: You may recall last week that El Dragon Azteca Jr. declared he was going to defend the Gift of the Gods Championship all the way up to Ultima Lucha Cuatro, a declaration many of us thought was somewhere between “build the bridge for Saito” and “Justice League will be just fine with two directors with two visions” on the bad idea scale. On the surface he appears to be fine this first week, where he takes on a Mariposa who, like Azteca, is more known for losing her big matches. In the words of Nathan Fillion however…


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Less we forget, it was two weeks ago where Marty “The Moth” was convinced by Mariposa to go full speed after the Lucha Underground Championship. What’s the fastest way to do that? The Gift of the Gods Championship. Suddenly this match looks less like an opportunity for Mariposa and more like stage one of an elaborate plan to soften Azteca up so Marty can grab the Gift of the Gods and go for the LU title himself. Not that Mariposa won’t be trying of course but…it’s fishy; it is undeniably fishy. Even still I expect, given how LU has thus far toned down interference in season four, that Marty won’t be around till after the match, giving Azteca and Mariposa enough time to try and have a fun match. Will they? It feels like a conflict in styles to me but Azteca has been really good this season and Mariposa remains, at her best, one of the most dynamic luchadoras in the world. They’ll have a shot; it’ll just come down to whether they mix well together.


Winner: Considering all roads are leading Azteca to Marty, it would be pretty stunning if he dropped the title first time out, even to Marty’s sister. So look for the protégé of Rey Mysterio Jr. to win this one and not screw things up the first time. But don’t worry for he will screw it up eventually. It’s El Dragon Azteca Jr.


Atomicos Match

Johnny Mundo, PJ Black, Ricky Mundo, Taya vs. Daga, Drago, Kobra Moon, Luchador Sorpresa


What to Expect: There is a lot to (puts on sun glasses) dissect here.


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Sorry Luchasaurus (wherever you may roam now); it had to be done. Back to the match. In another world this would’ve been a five on five match with Jack Evans riding with his Worldwide Underground pals and Vibora and potentially that damned Luchador Sorpresa backing up the snakes. To this point however Evans has refused to get involved because, like Indiana Jones, he hates snakes, while Vibora is now wrestling in the great ring in the sky after Taya did to him what Joffrey did to Ned Stark in season one of the GOT. Thus a five on five is now a four on three, which still gives the Worldwide Underground an advantage and look to have Kobra Moon on the verge of granting the Worldwide Underground one wish. But not all may be as it seems. WITNESS EXHIBIT A!




Lost in the Luchasaurus’ beheading last week was the notable appearance of a random coffin in the Snake Tribe’s lair. Any other show I’d be tempted to say this was just a decorative piece that Kobra Moon thought really brought the room together, but this is LU; things aren’t just shown out of coincidence. With the Reptiles in need of a new partner for this match, I’m guessing whoever it is will be coming out of that coffin to help (this also means that Kobra Moon, like Catrina and Vampiro, has the power to bring people back. Might be something interesting to remember going forward). Who will it be? WITNESS EXHIBIT B!



This is one of the photos LU released from this episode featuring the Snakes and if you look closely enough, you can see an arm with what looks to be the side of a spider web tattoo (there may also be a bit of a dark shirt sticking out). It’s not a ton to go on, but it’s enough for me to offer a few theories. The first, and one that will be most popular I’m guessing, is that it’s Pindar. I mean sure, he did get his head cut off, but Kobra Moon did bring back Daga (if you believe her) so it’s not a stretch she could do the same with Pindar. A closer inspection shows that Pindar has far more tattoos than the one on this arm, which brings me to the theory I think will be correct. You may recall some time ago that Jeremiah Crane was given the axe at Three Way to the Grave and is probably still lying in a coffin just like the one in Kobra Moon’s lair. Then there’s a story before season four began when LU released a list of things they trademarked, one of them being the name Jeremiah Snake. HMM! And finally, if that’s not good enough for you, WITNESS EXHIBIT C!


Image result for Jeremiah Crane


I do declare, that tattoo looks an awful lot like a spider web doesn’t it? Put it all together and I can only conclude that the Reptile Tribe’s backup plan is in fact Jeremiah Crane, rechristened as Jeremiah Snake. Why Kobra and company would be interested in him is something that will probably not be revealed tonight, but regardless, he will be the fourth man and boy does that make this match quite interesting. I mean it would’ve been anyway due to Vibora’s vast improvement (what a damn shame the Luchasaurus got hurt and thus had to be written out!) and the rest of the talent involved, but possessed Jeremiah Crane/Snake adds a whole other layer to the proceedings. Say what you will about the man who plays him but Crane/Snake is as dynamic as they come and his ultraviolent style serves as a great contrast to Drago’s high flying, Daga’s strong style lucha and Kobra’s…you know I’m not sure what style she has but whatever it is, it contrasts! It makes the Reptile Tribe a lot more intriguing and should provide a great match up for a Worldwide Underground team that, aside from the unknown that is Ricky Mundo, is really strong. Throw in the other result possibility of Johnny Mundo being enslaved by the Snakes (which is suddenly far more plausible than it was last week) and I think this match has serious potential if LU gives it the time. And since there are only two matches announced to this point, I think that’s precisely what they’ll be doing.


Winners: When this match was first announced last week I thought there was zero chance Worldwide Underground would lose; I mean who could see Johnny Mundo being forced into the Snake Tribe? It’s different now, especially if I’m right about Crane turning into a snake himself and joining the team. With that in mind, I actually do think the Reptiles will find a way to win this match, with Ricky Mundo taking the pin from Crane/Snake to force Johnny into a lifetime of calling Kobra Moon his queen. Well at least until Aerostar finally figures out a way to rescue Drago and gets Johnny out too. Have I made it clear there’s a whole hell of a lot going on in the LU?!


There you have it sports fans. Come back tonight around ten to see if my theory about Jeremiah Snake was correct! Till we meet again.


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