With everything going on this weekend, we here at Lucha Central decided to extend the voting for the Final Four of Lucha Madness, presented by Expo Lucha 2019 and Quiet Wyatt Designs, for another day. Now that all the excitement is over though it’s time to see who the fans will be sending to the first ever Championship Round. So who did the fans vote in? See below!


Andrade “Cien” Almas: 57%

Dragón Lee: 43%


Dragón Lee wound up with the better Wrestlemania weekend of these two, but he’ll have to wait till next year for his shot at winning Lucha Madness. In his place will be his former co-worker and luchador who should’ve had something better to do at Wrestlemania last night. Every round it feels like this is the place where the former La Sombra will be sent home and every time he just keeps beating the odds. He did so again here, following up his come from behind wins over Pentagon Jr. and Fenix with another one over his best friend Rush’s younger brother. His fans will have quite the challenge to topple in the Championship though because…


El Hijo del Fantasma: 83.9%

Último Guerrero: 16.1%


No one has has the support in this tournament that El Hijo del Fantasma has had. Not only has he benefited from becoming a hot commodity at the right time (he is the hottest free agent in lucha libre after all) but he has what may be the most vocal fan base of any luchador(a) that was in this tournament. It helped him best LA Park, throttle Volador Jr. and now easily defeat the UG, a luchador who is not only one of CMLL’s most popular stars but one who’s fan base overwhelmed Rey Mysterio Jr. in the Elite Eight. REY MYSTERIO JR! It just goes to show how much momentum Fantasma has right now.


So there you have it sports fans; the Lucha Madness Final comes down to Andrade “Cien” Almas and El Hijo del Fantasma. We even have the graphic and the polls to prove it!




From here it’s simple; whoever has the most votes when the polls close will be the first ever Lucha Madness Champion. When do the polls close? For this round we will pretty much give you the week, leaving the polls open until midnight on Friday morning. The winner will then be announced the next day for all to see. It’s been a lot of fun to this point sports fans, and we hope you’ll join us one more time in embracing the Madness!