La Secta retains the KAOZ Lucha Libre Tag Team Championship

Lucha Libre REAL back to action and heled its first show of the year at the Deportivo Reynosa in Mexico City, in which main event match La Secta retained the Lucha Libre KAOZ Tag Team Championship after beating Ultimo Legendario & Super Nova.

Baronessa won the Lucha Libre REAL Alfa Championship after beating Zeuxis & Lady Pink in a triple threat title match.

Rossy Moreno vacated the title after a 421-day reing as champion.


Main Event Match: La Secta (Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria) defeated Los Mexicanos (Ultimo Legendario & Super Nova) (Title Match)

– Semifinal Match: Corsario Negro & Drako defeated Demus & Akuma (Tag Team Match)

– Fifth Match: Tiger Jr. defeated Warrior Jr. (Single Match)

– Fourth Match: Shocker, Felino & Rey Bucanero defeated Trauma I, Trauma II & Ultimo Gladiador (Six-Man Tag Team Match)

– Third Match: Baronessa defeated Zeuxis & Lady Pink (Triple Threat Title Match)

– Second Match: Rey Sicario, Terremoto & Tanque Infernal defeated Yawi, Demasiado & Chris Stone Jr. (Six-Man Tag Team Match)

– First Match: Tempo & Futuro defeated a Eurus & Farsante (Tag Team Match)

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