If ever there was a wrestling promotion that summed up Matt Hardy’s old “WILL NOT DIE” catchphrase or the Greyjoy slogan “WHAT IS DEAD MAY NEVER DIE!” and wasn’t TNA/Impact, it would be the Lucha Libre Elite. The fifth wheel of lucha libre behind CMLL, AAA, The Crash and IWRG has been on life support for what seems like forever now and yet somehow always finds a way to continue on. What do you know; it’s done so again. In a brief three second video earlier today, Elite announced that they will be returning on July 21st, with a show out of Mexico City.


What might be an even bigger story is that Elite won’t be doing this show alone. Anyone who has watched the last several AAA shows will have noticed several references to Elite; both Teddy Hart and Black Taurus returned to the promotion sporting Elite shirts (Taurus’ notably said Elite 2018 on it), while Verano de Escandalo saw Elite regulars Golden Magic and Extreme Tiger make prominent appearances. Speculation has continued to grow that AAA and Elite are now working together and this announcement will only reinforce that, as AAA announced just the other day they’d be running a show in Mexico City on, you guessed it, July 21st.


Whether this is a case of AAA and Elite becoming partners ala Elite and CMLL a few years ago or if this is an AAA vs. Elite storyline being put together remains to be seen. Regardless, Lucha Central will continue to provide updates on this situation.