Lucha Central’s Lucha Madness, presented by Expo Lucha 2019 and Quiet Wyatt Designs, has just wrapped it’s Sweet Sixteen! And my goodness it was a competitive round sports fans, with twists, turns, lead changes; the whole shebang. In the end though only eight could move on. Who were they? Look below (winners in bold).


El Santo Region


1. Fenix/Rey Fenix: 52.2%

4. Aerostar: 47.8%


2. Pentagon Jr./Penta Zero M: 35.3%

3. Andrade “Cien” Almas: 64.7%


Blue Demon Region


5. Flamita: 51.2%

8. Taya: 48.8%


2. Dragón Lee: 73.9%

3. Rush: 26.1%


Salvador Lutteroth Region


1. Rey Mysterio Jr.: 55.6%

4. Laredo Kid: 44.4%


2. Último Guerrero: 64.3%

3. Bandido: 35.7%


Antonio Peña Region


1. LA Park: 34.8%

5. El Hijo del Fantasma: 65.2%


2. Barbaro Cavernario: 30.9%

3. Volador Jr.: 69.1%


Some of these races may look quite lopsided but it was in fact the opposite. With the exception of Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Laredo Kid, all of these matches featured at least one lead change, and as of yesterday LA Park and Pentagon Jr. led by margins close to what they were defeated by. That is how all over the place voting was in this round. In the end though heavy favorites like Pentagon and Park will now go home, the Cinderella of the tournament Taya just barely got knocked out by Flamita and even #1 overall seed Fenix was pushed to the brink of elimination. And the fun is only starting!


This brings us to the Elite 8! The match ups for that will feature the finals of the respective regions and are as followed.


El Santo Region


1. Fenix/Rey Fenix

3. Andrade “Cien” Almas


Blue Demon Region


2. Dragón Lee

5. Flamita


Salvador Lutteroth Region


1. Rey Mysterio Jr.

2. Último Guerrero


Antonio Peña Region


3. Volador Jr.

5. El Hijo del Fantasma


Voting will begin later tonight and, like last round, will stretch for two days before closing on Tuesday at 2 p.m. The end of the Madness is coming everyone. Enjoy it while you can and vote!