Several posts on social media yesterday had lucha libre fans wondering if long time AAA star Aerostar was on the verge of leaving the promotion to become an independent. Those rumors were in fact so strong that Aerostar’s Wikipedia page lists him as a former AAA star. That will have to be edited because the rumors have in fact been misconstrued. Lucha Central has learned that Aerostar will indeed be staying in AAA; he will however now be handling international bookings outside of AAA himself, after growing frustrated with AAA’s handling of matters. The information will be confirmed as well tomorrow on the Keepin it 100 Podcast with Konnan.


This is now the second time in the last year rumors of Aerostar leaving AAA has sprung up. Unlike the first one this rumor was taken more seriously, though it once again is a case of tweets being misunderstood. The 34 year old high flyer, known for being one of the most exciting performers in Mexico, has had his share of rough moments during his sixteen year AAA stay but has not only suffered worse than his current situation but seemed to finally getting his just due for it. It was not even a month ago Aerostar won the AAA Rey de Reyes tournament, arguably the greatest accomplishment in his AAA tenure, while also being groomed for a mask vs. mask match with rudo Monsther Clown. The luchador also appeared at AAA’s press conference for their Madison Square Garden show last week and has been heavily promoting the show since. At the same time Aerostar’s bookings outside of AAA (with the exception of a recent booking for Progress’ upcoming Super Strong Style 16 tournament) have fallen off since a strong 2015, when he was booked in both CHIKARA and Pro Wrestling Guerilla following Lucha Underground’s strong first season. That, coupled with a canceled upcoming booking, has led to him taking matters into his own hands, much like his good friend Drago did one year ago.


Lucha Central will keep you updated on this developing story.