Another week, another ratings W for AAA over CMLL. Lucha Central has learned that the Madison Square Garden bound promotion drew a 2.1 rating with 3.3 million viewers overall, a slight decrease from last week. While the total number of viewers for AAA’s replay on A+ aren’t out yet, we can tell you the replay drew a 0.8 rating, up for last week. Overall things remain strong for AAA on Azteca 7.


AAA’s success is a complete contrast to CMLL on Televisa’s Gala TV. Paco Alonso’s crew was once again nowhere close to AAA, drawing a 0.8 rating and 1.1 million viewers overall; the rating is actually a slight increase overall (from 0.6 last week) but the viewership was down slightly (from 1.3). Whether it’s the Saturday time slot, only having one hour of air time or or just an overall lack of interest, CMLL just hasn’t been drawing the eyeballs as expected.


Lucha Central will keep you updated on any further developments with this story.